3 August 2016 | By: Writing Buddha

A Sneak-Peek in your Life's history!!!

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There are numerous events in your life when you are been blamed for your attitude. The problem of almost everyone is the same and in spite of trying to change it as much as possible, you still keep hearing the same complaint again and again. After a while you just let it go and remain to be the way you are. This is again termed as attitude and ego problem. Sometimes you are being blamed for working slow in organization. At this point of time, a person whose speed is his best according to him finds his hard to satisfy the management and prove that he is giving his 200%. Such cases become very hard to solve. Similarly, few boys are blamed of peeping at girls shamelessly whenever they get a sight of them because of which their character and image droops very low in society and no one wants to be acquaintances with them.

And the bigger issue is that the person even after knowing that people have problem with that specific act/trait of his/her cannot control/change it even after all the realizations. And this is the time when even self-help books and motivational articles do not help. The podcasts and audio channels also do not serve any purpose and the issue keeps building up everyday; sometimes more worse than before. This is the time when you should move to yoga and meditation and try to have conversation with yourself and attain that state where you are able to find solution for all the problems in day to day life. But this might sound very superficial to you as many still believe that whatever is been written about yoga and meditation is all false in the same way as many non-alcoholics feel that alcohol do not cause any hangover and every nuisance created by a drunkard is seeking of attention and nothing else.

Now is the time to go in your history. It's the time when you need your parents for some insight of how you have been raised in childhood under what kind of society, influences and sanskaar. You will have to dig deeper to understand what happened in your childhood that is making you behave in a certain way. It is while discussing this with your parents and elder siblings will you know the specific ways in which you were taught things and treated while committing mistakes that made you grow up in this way which has resulted in this attitude which is criticized at every step of your life. There can be a case where you'll find that everything has been proper as per your parent's answers but then your origin, tribe or ancestral happenings give you the attitude that you are unable to give up. Majorly seen in Rajputs where they know that they will have to face consequences still they do not change or apologize for their statements. 

When you finally come to know about the reasons because of which the certain traits is imbibed in your character which is not allowing you to react/respond without keeping it away, you finally have an output looking at which you can bring changes in your personality now on wards. Now you know that a certain personality trait has come from your ancestral or the way you have been brought up. It's time to start being careful before speaking or reacting to something and analyzing what you are about to say/do. You should not let the same mistake happen again even after knowing the root cause. 

Now saying is easy but doing this is hard. In this case, you can always apologize as soon as you realize that you have been wrong some minutes/hours/days/months ago. This will help your image in public as they will understand that even you are fed up of your existing personality and looking for a better change in you. And let me tell you, you are going to get a wonderful support from everyone around you. And apologizing soon after realizing that you went wrong (once again!) will only change your personality eventually where you will become aware of reactions/words of yours that might tarnish your chance of improving for which you have been trying for. I am sure this will surely help you so next time you find yourself behaving weird in the same fashion repeatedly, remember, it's time to sit with your parents and get some flashback of your life which you do not know about. :-)



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