31 August 2016 | By: Writing Buddha


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Life is a continuous process which never stops and you never get a break from it. Meditation allows you to take a little break from the chaos of life but still, there is no run away from life. Life is one of the serious issues of our existence yet many of us end up avoiding it until it becomes a mean of survival for us. Living should never get converted to surviving ever. Your living style should only get mooted to super-living and mega-living levels. There are many ways and lifestyle that leads you to that position where minute details aren't interrupting you from living a happy life but reaching to that stage is in itself a big parameter to activate for yourself. We know the methods and ways out there but we are not ready to take the path. The conscious does not allow us to leave our premises and go out the barriers which kept us safe all this while. And because of which we keep getting submerged in our past and not even the present. 

When I say past, it is not the good ones but the bad ones indeed. No one likes remembering good things that one achieved or lived in previous years of life but everyone remembers only the seconds that caused them pain. Many people end up living their whole life cursing that shit which took place with them. I hear so many friends asking about why that particular thing happened with them at that course of life when everything was great with them. They have this assumption that if that particular event would not have happened with them that successful streak of their life would have still continued even after so many years and that particular unfortunate event took away the positive flow in which they were moving ahead.

Many people are still living in quest to receive answers for those events that went wrong and are not out of it even when great opportunities are lying around them. A person who was expelled from the last job due to politics isn't concentrating in the new job at MNC which can lead him to the places because he is still stuck in the question about what his boss must be thinking about him then and right now. A student who failed in one difficult subject last semester isn't concentrating on 5 easy subjects of this semester because he is still in depression about why examiner passed another friend of his and not him even when he wrote better answers with explanations. A lover is still thinking about his previous partner about what led him/her to leave him/her rather than concentrating and giving the best to the current relationship where the partner is ready to die for him/her. 

Why are we always in the quest to get answers of the things that is already a part of our past? Why don't we believe that it was a mystery which will remain unsolved and we shouldn't waste our time in analyzing what happened because of which uneventful happenings took place? It's time to stop searching answers for the soul because even soul is wanting to get liberation from our stale and dead thoughts. It wants to get absorbed in these new struggles of life and wants to get passed or failed in it to grow our personality from what it is today. Let past remain in past and let's not dig it again and again to hurt ourselves more and limit the pleasures that life is awaiting to give us. Throw all those stuffs, photographs, things etc that haunts you again and again and takes you back to your life that is nowhere close to today and things that can affect your today. Some questions are not to be answered but to be forgotten to get answers of many unasked questions. :-)



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