1 December 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

Chowki Dhaani: An Experience of 6 Hours!!!

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            This weekend, a family friend asked us to visit Chowki Dhaani located near Kalyan at outskirts of Mumbai. I had heard a lot about it hence I thought of giving it a go. The place is themed on Rajasthan and almost everything is developed as if you have entered the state. The rural environment, the houses made up by mud and earth without any new technology, whole place lit up by lantern, two camels in the vicinity, a traditional bail-gaadi taking rounds, three astrologers sitting in three different corners, a man giving head massage under a small shade, two women dancing with 4 pots on her head one above another while 3 men playing dholak, a small boy walking on a rope almost 10 feet above the ground, a potter making small pots, a puppet show taking place in other corner, people selling the products sitting under the hut and few people sharing tea and snacks to us. 

               As soon as you enter the place, you will find it very interesting as you watch such scenarios only in movies. But after going through all the events happening in the area, you do not understand what to do for rest of the hours at this place. It becomes boring later on. The entry fees is Rs. 600 for adults and Rs. 350 for the children. The tea, snacks and dinner is included in the price. Also several other things are for free but the problem is that the people displaying their talent which is meant for free make expressions which makes you give out some money to them. If you don't, you would look like the person because of whom India is getting intolerant. Haha! The dinner tasted very bad and not a single dish tasted like the epic Rajasthani cuisine which people talk about once they return back from the state of Rajas and Maharajas.

             My over all experience was very bad and I would better spend Rs. 6000 at Rajasthan than spending Rs. 600 here. I am sharing few pictures out of many that I clicked there. I am not sharing much because I want even you to go there and waste your money like me so that I become little satisfied of my bad experience. Go, as soon as possible, the CHOWKI DHAANI is waiting for you. 



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