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Review: Bajirao Mastani: It's an experience to watch!!! ****

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          Whenever Sanjay Leela Bhansali directs a movie, I make it sure that I watch it only in theater because the grandeur he represents on the screen is worth experiencing. People often criticize him for stretching his movies for over 3 hours but I never feel it a reason for rejecting it. Last time, when I watched Ram Leela in theater, I was mesmerized with the beauty with which he crafted each scene. Therefore, as soon as I saw the trailer of Bajirao Mastani and got an idea of an amazing script and great dialogues, I had decided that I am not going to miss it anyways. And now that I am done watching it on big screen, I can proudly claim that its one of the finest movies of our Indian cinema which is made with great passion, hard work and perseverance. Bhansali waited for almost 1.5 decades to make this movie and the effort surely shows in each and every frame. 

             Bajirao Mastani clarifies in its disclaimer that is read before the movie starts that the story is not totally based on the life of the legendary warrior but fictionalized for the movie. Hence, I watched it as a fictionally created periodic love story rather than getting hurt on seeing a great Maratha warrior dancing rather than fighting wars. The movie begins and the very first scene where Bajirao is introduced gives you a sensation that an epic saga is about to get unfolded in front of your eyes. Yes, it takes little time in getting conditioned with Ranveer Singh playing a character such as this but within few scenes itself, he impresses you enough. The first half is great where they show how Bajirao is falling in love with Mastani and gradually, getting away from his wife, Kashi. In the second half, the dialogues become more intense and great acting skills start getting delivered by each and every actor. By the time, the climax begins, the movie already becomes one of your favorites and when it ends, you are submerged in this beauty of Bhansali's creation. 

            Few scenes are so wonderfully written and played on screen that even after 3 days of watching the movie, I am wanting to go back to theater just for watching them again. The dialogues are so beautiful and meaningful that you would love to write all of them in your diary to repeat it at few events in your own life. One of the best epic dialogues in a movie in recent times! The action and war scenes are great and does look extra-ordinary and spectacular. I am glad about one more thing that Bhansali didn't keep intimate scenes like he did in Ram-Leela but still managed to display love in all the scenes he tried in. And the climax scene where Ranveer struggles in river with imaginary war is one of the best works by a director. 

           Coming to the performances, Ranveer Singh's effort in getting that Marathi accent is really appreciable. Even his body language is very different than other movies which makes him a versatile actor. Deepika Padukone, yet again, looks very beautiful on screen and displays one of her best performances. The greatness about this actress is that every time she speaks a dialogue, it seems as if it was made only for her and no other actress could have spoken it with same perfectness. And now talking about none other than Priyanka Chopra who eats both the co-stars even with few scenes. The emotions that she have displayed just through her eyes are enough for the audience to understand what Kashi is feeling inside her. And the moment PC speaks a dialogue, she kills every other actor working with her in that particular scene. Kudos! All the other actors have also played their part perfectly. Bajirao Mastani should be experienced on big screen and just don't miss it. I give it 4 stars out of 5. 



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