5 December 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

Review: Hate Story 3: Better than last 2 attempts!!! **

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         Hate Story 3 was deadly awaited by me after seeing its hot trailer and song promos. And after not finding Tamasha any better, the wait was only killing me as who won't like to see those hot sensuous scenes and more when it has a good looking actress like Zarine Khan. I remember the first movie in this series which starred Paoli Dam. That movie shocked everyone as no one had expected those kind of scenes in a Bollywood movie. I missed Hate Story 2 because Surveen Chawla isn't someone whom people would like to see even once as a lead actress in any kind of movie. Hate Story 3 has just become bigger than its first 2 parts with the kind of actors it has cast and the number of screens it is releasing in. The first day collections has also been surprising.    

            The story of the movie is fine which is watchable. Yes, few scenes does lack logic as one where a character does not die even after an airplane crashes and the great thing is that he also recovers almost 60-70% after that. Surprising! The good thing about the movie is that it gets into work within first 15 minutes itself. I had thought that the whole first half would be only kissing and seducing and the real story would begin after interval which will also end up again in kissing and having great sex. But director does take care of moving the story ahead even when intimate scenes keep giving you boners after every 15-20 minutes. Zarine Khan's kissing scenes are fantastic and worth-watching. Yes, I'm a pervert! :| The songs aren't in sync with the movies hence it feels as if the scene is cut in between and the song is inserted just for the sake of showing sexual scenes. The sex scene of Zarine and Karan is also quite hot. Ok, sorry, guys!

            Well, because I didn't have much expectations from Hate Story 3 except few good hot scenes, I liked it in terms of story and the way picture is portrayed. Climax is good revelation of a secret but quite disappointing as it is illogical and does not make much scene. It's very childish. Sharman Joshi looks good in his role of a good guy but has a look of where-is-my-career-going throughout the movie. Karan has also played his character nicely. The actresses haven't performed even 20% of what we call- ACTING but because they have given some great hot scenes, I have decided not to sue them more. Haha! See, I'm trying to tell you what to expect from the kind of movies you are entering to watch. You can't expect Masaan from Rohit Shetty, right? So in that case, I feel Vishal Pandya has done a fine job considering his last 2 movies and overall improvisation. I give Hate Story 3, "2 STARS" and I am waiting the 4th one to have more great scenes to be kept in my hidden folder in C drive. :-) 



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