2 December 2015 | By: Writing Buddha


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        And the last month of the Year 2015 begins.. I love whenever the month of December arrives because of the countdown towards giving the final climax to our year and making it either our best or worst. The final 31 days are in our hands to change the fate of our year if it has not been up to the mark till now. Every year is important for us and that's the only reason why people are always excited about celebrating a New Year because they wait for it with new hopes. Sometimes, we aren't happy with the few things that happen with us during a particular year because of which we plan great things for the upcoming year without knowing the kind of challenges that are going to be thrown upon us. And this leads to disappointment every year because it ends up being the same as the previous one.

             Hence rather than waiting for the new year to begin and expecting yourself to change and improve overnight over a resolution, it's time to wake up just today itself and put your 200% in these 31 Days that are with us to make 2015 a great year for ourselves. Watching Facebook Videos. Reading Tweets on Intolerance. Forwarding messages on Whatsapp. Surfing the products on Amazon/Flipkart. Hanging out for movies. Editing selfies for Instagram. These activities have already taken almost 1/2 of your time this year. It's time to boycott them and do them for as little time as possible so that you can do things which can really make you feel proud of yourself whenever you'll look back at 2015. Yes, may be the moment for achieving those few rare things would have passed by now but still if you make something great in this month, you might recover at least little of those lost moments. Isn't it?

           We shouldn't see December as an end to something but a beginning of a beautiful end. It's in our hands to put all our efforts and at least make 2015 better than whatever it has been till now. Even if it is going at your level best, you can make it even better than that. Haven't you seen how Aamir Khan breaks all the records made through out the year by almost 200 films that release every particular year? :-) Best things can happen in the end to create the record which have not been created in the first 11 months of the year. 

              2015 has been an eventful year for me but still I am looking for scoring few records before the year ends. My target for the year was 60 books. I have completed reading 56. 4 more to go. I wanted to accomplish 200 BLOG POSTS. With this, I would be left with 13 Blog Posts which I am also targeting to complete. I have my first mid-term exams of MBA and I am looking forward to scoring at least 55% in them. There are few targets in my profession world which I won't like to discuss here. So by the time I complete my targets of next 31 days, you can do yours in parallel. Let's meet again on 31st December and discuss regarding how December helped us in making our year 2015 better than it was before the last month arrived. I hope you will understand the point I am trying to make. So let's welcome 2015 with open arms and LET THE COUNTDOWN BEGIN......... 



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