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Review: Dilwale: Only for Rohit Shetty's fans! ***

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       Watching movies when becomes a process, you start identifying a particular maker with a certain ideology and your judgment of his future films depend on the kind of genre he works in. One might rate 3 Idiots and Om Shanti Om equal considering that its respective directors' best film and that's how even I rate movies. So in case you find my review of Dilwale too positive don't think that I'm paid as I have seen majority of audiences disliking it and even bashing it on social media. Rohit Shetty is one director who knows what audiences need from him and his movies are actual representation of the same hence people never get disappointed by him. I do not understand this certain group of audience who dislike such movies but still watch it. I think somewhere they love such movies but to prove themselves intellectual in public, they feel its important to bash it on social media before someone might judge them for their choice. I am not one from them. I like the movies which are entertaining and Dilwale did entertain me.
             Movie starts very well and director have assured that the screen experience should be wonderful and massive to make it look grand. Because he also cast SRK and Kajol, one of the best on-screen pair we have in Bollywood, it became over-challenging for him to give his audience a feel that they are here to experience a grand celebration than a mere movie. Also, the musical background in almost every scene recreates the romantic essence of 1990s and early 2000s. With the age of these stars, their love stories should become mature and Dilwale presents it very well. There is nothing overdone in the romance shown between SRK-Kajol and even when Varun-Kriti's tale is focused upon, even that is presented well rather than boring audiences and making them yawn. I liked the simple dialogues and the intention with which the love story is scripted. 

            The story isn't very great or different but the justice has been served to the theme which the director picked. It's even produced very well and it can be seen in each and every scene. There aren't much car-crashing scenes but whatever little bit has been inserted makes you smile that yes, you are watching your favorite director's movie. I have liked each movie of Rohit Shetty since 2011 and I am glad that he didn't disappoint me. This time he added more romance in his movie and lessened the quantity of action he generally has which gave another dimension to his viewers. Though I feel that there are many flaws too- I didn't find Boman Irani's insertion in the movie of any substantial output. It has been a big time waste. Also the climax is kept too simple and you feel k majaak majaak mein film khatm ho gayi. 

            Coming to the performances, Shahrukh Khan was superb. His eyes speak before his dialogue in every scene. His smile still creates the same magic. Though his films aren't collecting as much as his competitors but He is definitely The Superstar minus few bad choices made by him. This movie has again made me fan of SRK and I am looking forward to his next two upcoming releases. Kajol has done a movie after a long time and who would say that she had taken a break in between. With ease, she have carried many scenes which she hadn't attempted before in her career and looked flawless in them. She looks stunningly beautiful in this movie and even better than what she looked in Fanaa. Varun Dhawan succeeds in making you smile and laugh in many scenes. Kriti is again a very beautiful face and thankfully, she acts equally good. She could have easily gotten overshadowed in this movie as there are 3 better and successful actors than her but she has been able to present herself equally well. Kudos. 

             Music of the film is very soulful. Janam Janam and Gerua are on loop in my playlist. Songs are very beautifully shot. Overall, Dilwale isn't a very great film but its a great entertainer for which we crave every weekend. I give it 3 stars. And I can go for it once again. It's far behind in terms of Bajrangi Bhaijaan but way too ahead than Prem Ratan Dhan Payo or Happy New Year. :-) 



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