31 December 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

Why Employer becomes Punching Bag gradually....

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      We often feel like ruling the world and being at the top of the position in almost every place that's possible but we become irritated very soon with life and its struggle. Initially, we try to give our level best but after some time, we start thinking like an underdog and gradually, we even turn into one. We don't realize when we forget about our dream and start violating almost every possible way that can help us grow in hierarchy and be at that position we always desired for. While we start our journey towards something, we realize that the position we have always dreamed about already has a person designated with it. While few find it as an inspiration but others start finding flaws in the person. Its either because of jealousy or sour grapes logic or negativity that we have bestowed upon us within few period of time.  

            Many people liked Modi until he was a small leader or CM of Gujarat. But the moment he got titled as Prime Minister, people started pulling him down. It's just because people dream high but because they themselves could not achieve the epitome, they start passing comments on someone who have already reached that spot and trying something under his best capacity. In the 25 years of Sachin Tendulkar's Cricket Career, there has been several cricket fans who started liking him but after a point of time when they saw him achieving many landmarks, they started pulling him down by either calling him a selfish player or comparing him unreasonably with Dravid and Ganguly. Same is happening with Dhoni these days.

              Shahrukh Khan is again another example of such event. Initially, people related themselves with him and found it wonderful to see a common man being called Superstar and getting listed with someone like Dilip Kumar and Amitabh Bachchan. But as SRK started becoming a brand, people started disliking the very same traits of the Superstar which made them like him. We, Indians, have become so insecure and noncompetitive that seeing anyone grow in a super-fast speed makes us feel jealous about the person. Rather than learning a thing or two from him, we want him to drop down and come at the same level as us. This is one of the main reasons why people do not enjoy their job. Yes!

             Knowingly or unknowingly, we start hating everything about our job which excited us during our struggling period when we were Freshers. As time passed, we started hating our boss and sometimes hatred reaches at a level where few people give their resignation just because they can't resist themselves anymore even if they see their boss' face. Unbelievable! Same attitude gets developed in the employees for the Founder of their organization when the industry is small-scale. Rather than thinking about how this person must have left his job to start such a big organization, we start finding several flaws that his rules and regulations has. This diverts our focus from our work to almost everything in office that is imperfect. And right from punching in to lunch break to tea break to signing off, whenever we meet people, we only share the complaints we have against the company. 

                We should understand that we have got a great opportunity to at least meet the Founder of our organization personally and learn a thing or two from him. They have immense knowledge and experience that we can use in our life to grow in our career. They do have imperfections but they have an attitude and risk-taking decision-making power which makes them an entrepreneur and someone because of whom we are getting our salary every month. We feel so proud of receiving salary each and every month even after 20 years of experience. Just imagine what that kind of a person would be who is distributing it among people like you and me. Just Imagine! Let's use the opportunity and learn greatness from these people rather than finding flaws in them. This will lead to making us reach the position they are sitting at. Let's stop cribbing and following these personalities. I hope we shall change our attitude soon.



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