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When Heaven Falls Down by Satyapal Chandra (Book Review-4.25*/5) !!!

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          It has been a long time since I picked up a book by Mahaveer Publications. They are known for giving an opportunity to first time authors. But this time they have published Satyapal Chandra's 10th book (they had also published his 1st) who is very well known for his record of writing most number of books in a very short duration. "When Heaven Falls Down" is his most ambitious project and it shows in the way this book is written and the whole packaging of it is done. I think this is the thickest book published by Mahaveer of 400+ pages. Kudos for taking this opportunity. 

    Satyapal Chandra is an Indian Author, Director, Screenwriter, Lyricist and Motivational Speaker. He has penned novels of various genres including Romance, Crime, Suspense, Mystery, Social, Supernatural and young adult fiction.A man of many hats with having a fiery passion to make a difference. Born and raised up in a small farming family situated in Bihar Satyapal Chandra has created a buzz through his different works. Having a very rough childhood and facing various kinds of problems like Poverty to violence, he has given a new dimension to his work. A staunch believer of Liberal humanism and peaceful coexistence of everyone, he has initially studied Hindi and Urdu.

         Talking about the author's writing style, he knows how to write which will make him popular among youth. The language he have used is very easy to read and you will love the conversations that he have beautifully written without making it look like an Indian author's writing. Though this is a pulp fiction, Satyapal have tried his best to give a serious tone to his story as he is wanting to speak a lot of things through this story of his. This book openly talks about the ill mindset and hatred of Hindus and Muslims towards each other. It also talks about the so-called religious god-men indulging themselves in sexual crimes, corruption in our medical system, education system, real face of glamour industry, love-jihad etc. This has also lead him in a controversy where Maulvis of Gaya, Bihar, have started protesting against him. 

        All the characters developed by Satyapal in this book are given justice throughout the story. He haven't forgotten anyone until the end except Aakash. I wished if he could have got more coverage in the story. The narration used by him is very easy and you will love when author discusses the diary part of Akshada periodically in between the story told to us by the protagonist, Ayaan. That is something which very less authors try. 

           "When Heaven Falls Down" is a book basically meant for romantic lovers but author have assured that anyone else reading it will also love it because of multiple elements been discussed in this book along with the love tale. Book starts on a very tensed note and I had started expecting incredible story since then and therefore the expectations were very high. But the way author emerges out in anti-climax, I wished that could have come when the story was in the middle. That could have made 2nd half an epic attempt as the anti-climax is in itself a moment to remember whenever you'll discuss this book with someone. 

           WHFD deserves to be read as it talks about many issues frankly and discussed it with courage and bravery. Not many authors write such challenging truths but Satyapal Chandra have proved various points with this book. The intention behind writing this book is very clear through the words used by the author. Author is well-researched about the topics he have picked up is also evident in the few situations that he creates. You can easily understand how hard he have hit the truth. 

          Coming to the drawbacks, I must say that the book could have been easily done in 50 pages less as love tale is stretched more than stipulated. There are few spelling and grammatical mistakes which I am hoping would be eliminated in the next print itself. Similarly, I felt that just because author wanted to justify the title of the book, he have killed many characters in few pages itself. This could have been easily avoided. Similarly, the fight of Akshada against medical system is also given an abrupt end. It was disappointing. Because of such reasons, the rating meter had to drop down a bit low but still the book manages to score 4.25* out of 5. So you can assume how nicely it would have been written. It's a light read which can be completed in 2-3 sittings. Go Get It!




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