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Hamari Adhuri Kahani- PART 2!!! (Short Story)

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  Next day, after class, I asked her to come with me to a shopping mall. She agreed. We sat in the Food Court and talked for half an hour. Finally I held her right hand which looked so beautiful that I had my eyes every time she made hand gestures while talking. I never tried touching her with any dirty intentions but it was all with pure love and compassion. She again tried to take her hand away but I made sure that my force was enough stronger to not let her go away from me. I saw change in her expressions and it wasn't very nice. 

         I composed myself and said,"Komal, I do not know what you think of me but every time I have your hand in mine, I don't feel like leaving them. I am not sure if you believe in love at first sight but I have experienced it. I fell for you the moment I saw you entering in the classroom for the first time 3 months ago. Since then, each meeting with you has been scribbled in my personal diary with a poem on each occasion. I want to tell you that I love you with all the purity and no power or greed can ever reduce even a bit of what I feel for you. I promise you that in every circumstances I shall be with you. I love you and I want to hear your final words for me."

          She was stunned. After I ended up speaking, she took some seconds to react. Suddenly, anger conquered her whole body language. She released her hand from mine and slapped me hard. Few people started looking towards us. I was embarrassed but not lost. She started walking away. I followed her. She was walking away in speed and didn't want to see me again. After we were out of mall, I again held her hand and stopped her. She shouted,"Do you have brains? Haven't you seen the bindi on my forehead, the mangal sutra in my neck and engagement ring in my finger? I am married. Just because I saw you as a friend and genuine person who is interested only in career, I spent time with you. I sometimes realized that you were trying to come close but I thought may be you see me as a friend so end up doing those silly things. Never knew that holding the hand and constantly looking at me was part of your dirty plan to come to this one day. And remember one thing, if next time I find you coming close to me, or even stalking me, I will take you to police station." 

          Saying this she took an auto and left. It started raining. I fell on my knees and started crying madly. The punishment I was given was for being innocent, for being truthful, for being respectful in love. I never noticed all those identities she carried of being married. I was naive. How will I ever be able to forget her? How will I ever be able to forget the touch of her hands. The beauty that she carried with her brought happiness in my life every day. How will I fill the void created by her sudden disappearance from my life? 

           Suddenly, I saw a boy trying to save his books from getting wet in rain. After managing to save his books, the smile that he carried with him was exactly the smile I had when I found that the tools taught to us in class were understandable to me. I got some strength. I felt confident all of a sudden. I took the decision of forgetting her. I stood up. I wiped my tears. I took off my shirt and celebrated the rain as if it was the first rain of my life. People started laughing thinking me a psycho who does not have any respect. And my life changed after that. Though we sat for one more week in the same class room I never looked at her. I was given a small token of appreciation with a golden-colored medal on the last day for being the best student in the classes since the course began. I saw even her clapping with all the 25 students. Though her eyes were low but I knew that she meant it.

          I do not blame her. She is married. She was in a bigger commitment. If she would have agreed to my proposal and later on, I would have come to know that I was an extra man in her life, I would have got more annoyed. Also, if she could have broken that ultimate relationship, she could have broken even ours any time. Now I am happy that I loved someone who respects love as much as me. Tomorrow is my engagement with a girl who has none of the features I see in my dream girl which Komal had, but I wish only one feature in her- Commitment. The same commitment Komal had for her husband. I need just that. Now I understand that conquering that particular person isn't important in life but having any person in your life is important who sees his/her life in you. Who wants to stay with you even when you aren't deserving. That is Love. That is Love Beyond Boundaries. A class that I never wanted to join taught me the biggest lesson of my life. Learning those tools and having the certificate of excellence is what I believe are the secondary lessons I learnt. :-) 

P.S.: I have written this story for the people who fall in love with some married person and lose their heart after finding them committed in almost unbreakable relationship. There's more to LOVE than LOVING that ONE particular PERSON. Yes :-) But you have to accept this truth as a lesson in your life. :-)



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