5 June 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

Review: P Se PM Tak: Punctured Tyre on the name of Satire! 0 stars

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P Se PM Tak: 0/5

       Kundan Shah is famous for his movie- "Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron" and therefore, I was interested in watching his latest release- P se PM tak. Though all his movies since 1983-release have tanked badly on box office, I still committed this mistake of going through a movie whose trailer itself looked like a movie shot sometime in early 1990s. I am stunned as to how can such an experienced and legendary director make such a movie. On the name of satire, what we get to see is a remake of recently released, Mallika Sherawat's Dirty Politics. 

         This is a movie about a prostitute, Kasturi, who gets away from brothel and finds herself in Satara where some political issues are taking place. The two political parties are fighting against each other and looking for every opportunity to ruin the rivals. Kasturi meets an influential cop and falls in love with him at the very first sight. But he does not fall for her as he is a man under a politician's reign and is committed to his work. After some minutes, you find Kasturi becoming Chief Minister in just 4 days. Now starts some silly moments on which director expected us to laugh but you can only look here and there to search for something more interesting than what is going on in front of your two little eyes. 

         What can you expect from a movie which has its 20 minutes climax based upon a remote created by scientists through which a dead man can start walking and talking like everyone else? The whole movie is silly and many good actors are also wasted in making something unfunny as this. I have nothing to say about this movie than asking you to hit your head for even reading this review. Or hit me as to why I wasted my time in even writing this after watching this mega-flop movie of all time. 

        Sorry for wasting your time.


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