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Maulvis in Gaya protest against Satyapal Chandra's "When Heaven Falls Down"

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     Satyapal Chandra is an author who is well-known for his records in writing books with the speed at which many of us would fail. He had 9 books in his name until last year. He released his 10th book and his most ambitious project just recently under Mahaveer Publications. He has been working upon it after sacrificing a lot many personal feats which he could have achieved easily. He comes from a place where there's not even proper electricity. Managing to make his name nationally is a very proud moment for him and the place he comes from. I am currently reading his 10th book which he claims is better than many best selling novels in India. I am done with 100 pages out of 400. I was very excited to write its review as early as possible but I read a news regarding a controversy that have taken place because of the aggressive contents written in this book. 

          Well, its one of the parts in the first 100 pages itself and while reading it, I was very much sure that if this novel turns out to be a bestseller or even moves towards becoming one, author can not get away without any remarks over this. This content speaks the harsh reality of India today where Hindus and Muslims keep arguing and fighting against each other to prove whose religion is better. Similarly, in this book, there's a section where the people of two communities are abusing each others' religion and thus, few offensive words are used which have brought the author into trouble. A Maulvi and a Muslim group in Gaya have protested against the author and have asked the book to be banned. They say if they find the author, they will kill them on the spot. It has also been heard that they have issued a price money of Rs. 2,00,000 if someone gets him killed. 

     In the democracy, it's very sad to hear something of this kind happening to an author who was trying to show only the truth of our society. He may have written something which was never written by anyone in such a transparent manner but that does not mean he should be banned and scared in this way. Satyapal Chandra says that he didn't have any intention to hurt the Maulvis but it happened to be a Maulvi in his story who raped a girl and he didn't want to project any generalization towards the whole religion through it. The novel has just released and it seems to be the first controversy in the series to come. He is also been called next Salman Rushdie of India. I hope that Satyapal Chandra has pulled his socks to take all the criticisms that are about to come his way. 

             I am sharing the content on which the Maulvis in Gaya are disturbed and wants the author to be banned: 

A-“Just come out. I want to deep my sword into your blood. We need to get rid of this cancer. Just come out you blind follower of so called holy Quran.”

B-“You all are the cruel monsters. You only want your Allah to be followed by everyone and you don’t even hesitate to kill others who don’t comply you.”

C-“You Muslims pigs, you have been slaughtering us, the Hindus for centuries. You are the real cancer of this country and we need to eliminate you. So long as you will be on the earth, we can’t take a breath in relax.”

D- “Islam and peace-this is the best joke you cunt. You religion is only meant to murder, rape and loot. We have always respected you all like our own brothers but in return what all you have done to us. Look in Kashmir what you all have been doing with our Hindu brothers. Wherever you are in majority, you all people don’t even hesitate to crush us. That’s the true colour of yours and your religion.

   There are many more contents which are mentioned by the accusers but our website does not allow us to post it. Let's see what more happens in the coming days with the book "When Heaven Falls Down" and its author, Satyapal Chandra. We will have his interview very soon. 



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