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Hamari Adhuri Kahani- PART 1!!! (Short Story)

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      It was the first day of my class. I was in engineering. I didn't want to join any class but my cousins insisted and even told my father about the career growth once people learnt those mechanical tools through which machinery drawings can be easily crafted, drawn and referred. I was not even interested in Mechanical branch which I had to opt as I couldn't get admission in Electronics and here, I was being put into something that was an add-on in a resume for people aspiring to be Mechanical Engineers. Huh! Well, that's the case with 80% Indian students that they are admitted into something which they don't have interest in. 

          I was sitting in the class and observing everyone who entered. It was the month of May. The scorching heat in Mumbai made everyone enter rubbing their forehead and neck with their handkerchief. The classroom was air-conditioned and I had reached 15 minutes ago and therefore, I was totally fine now. Finally, our teacher entered and everyone settled down quickly keeping their bottles in side their bag and hankies in their pockets. The teacher started with everyone's introduction. There were 24 of us already in class. While introduction was going on, I heard a sweet voice trying to be loud,"Excuse me, mam. May I come in?" Teacher allowed her. 

          While she was walking towards the empty seat which was just ahead of me, I got lost in her eyes. I had not seen such a beautiful girl with the kind of pink lips and big eyes with long dark lashes I had always desired in someone with whom I could fall in love with. Before I could have realized, I was fallen in love at first sight. She sat in front of me and I was glaring at her dancing ear-rings. Now it was her turn to introduce herself. She stood and told about herself. I was not able to see her face but the voice took me to a world full of peacocks, birds and nightingales. While I was still dreaming of her even when she stood just 2 feet away from me, I heard people laughing loudly. I came out of my reverie and realized that it was my turn to introduce myself while I was busy comparing my dream girl with birds. I introduced myself and saw at her after I was done with it. She had a smile on her face.

           2 weeks later, I got a chance to sit besides her in the lab. She got some problem and asked me to help her. While I was moving my hands towards her keyboard, her hands brushed against mine and it was enough to break my concentration. I was seeing her face's reflection on monitor's screen and more than the software, I was dragging the mouse on her eyes, lips and cheeks. She said,"Hey, do it fast before mam comes". I smiled and executed the steps perfectly and did the job of 10 minutes in just 2 minutes. She was impressed. It was all over her face. Putting up all my courage, I finally spoke my first sentence,"What's your name?". 

       She laughed and said,"Oh Yes, I remember. You were lost in your own world when the introduction was going on. My name is Komal." 

        "Nice name", I said. 

        She smiled. "By the way you are very intelligent it seems. You end up doing these complicated stuffs before anyone in the class." 

        I said,"Nothing like that. It's just that I have no other option than doing this". 

        Our teacher came and asked us to leave if we had finished our work. As I had done her task too, only both of us were eligible to leave. We walked together. On the roadside, I saw a momos stall and asked her if she would like to have some. I hesitatingly said it as I knew she would leave after 2 minutes and I wanted to rejoice this moment with her a little more. She smiled and nodded positively. My heart beat increased. This was the first time when I was going to spend time with her informally after classes. And fortunately on the first day of my conversation with her. 

          I ordered 2 plates of momos. While she was eating, I was just concentrating on her. I shared a lot of things about me and how I landed up in the classes and everything. She was quite reserved and didn't open much. Even I didn't dare to ask much as I was afraid she might hate my interference in her personal life. After this day, we often spent time together in lab and also began sitting together in theory sessions. After classes, we would walk together up to the bus stand and often have road side chaat and pani-puri. 

           It was 3 months now and my love for her had become desperate. I remember a moment when she held my hand while crossing the road. I had held it little more tighter to cherish the moment. There had been occasions when we shared the same umbrella as the monsoon had arrived in our city. On several occasions, I tried holding her hand as I felt that she is comfortable with me but she used to shrug it off. I was often confused what actually she thinks of me. She never replied to my messages after we reached our respective homes. When I used to ask her reasons, she would say she doesn't like to be with her mobile all the time. Finally, I thought I would say her what I always wanted to. The session was in its last week and I wanted to seal her in my life before the class ends.

to be continued.....

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