9 June 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

The Recent Debate on Yoga is Funny!!!

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   Our country is funny. I have not studied much about the current affairs that are happening in the world and other countries but whatever I read about India, I find it funny that we get offended at almost anything. I am not saying I am very patient and calm and I do not get affected by few statements said by someone or a foolish law passed in my nation but including me, I am saying everyone in our country is funny. When Narendra Modi had said it in one of his initial speeches after getting appointed as India's PM in a session that he wants International Yoga Day to be decided as it's something which is very useful for health and life style, everyone is India rejoiced the request he made at International level. We also complimented the way he passed out few indirect comments towards Pakistan's PM in the same speech. Who knew this would become a controversy later. :-)

         Somehow Modi's words affected the respected people in position and International Yoga Day has been decided to be celebrated every year starting from 2015 on 21st June according to my knowledge. In one of my recent posts, I talked about how certain Muslims are always in opportunity to prove how big victim they are in India. Though many of my acquaintances didn't like what I spoke in that post and I got bitter replies in my mailboxes but I chose to remain silent on it. Now, after Yoga has been decided to be given importance internationally, All India Muslim Personal Law Board campaigns against schools mandating yoga. They are also saying that they are not going to perform Surya Namaskar as their religion asks them to bow only in front of Allah and no one else. Cool!

          Now are we asking them to accept Sun mightier than Allah? No. Are we asking them to convert into Hinduism by performing Yoga? No. Are we happy for yoga getting an importance status because it's somewhere linked with Hinduism? No. We took it just as an exercise session that keeps as fitter and healthier and also helps us in overcoming few diseases too. Crazy Ramdev baba also says that he can make a gay straight through yoga. Haha! Well, I am not supporting this statement at all. I am okay with gays around me if there are any. :-) But few Muslims explains how yoga isn't going to change their life even minutely because they perform Namaz for 5 times in a day and that's a form of exercise. Are we denying? No. 

          Then what's the problem? The whole problem lies in the belief that Muslims have that Narendra Modi will make this India a country of extreme Hindutva if we keep supporting him. The recent ban of beef in Maharashtra have made them more insecure. Also, Sakshi Maharaj's regular claim of Ram Mandir's establishment in BJP's tenure is another reason which is not letting Muslims sleep. Sushma Swaraj also ended up saying once that Geeta should be made National Book as it carries lots of wisdom. Muslims aren't wrong in their place. It's natural to feel the way they are feeling. But they should understand that Narendra Modi isn't a terrorist. He may have killed many people of your religion in that Gujarat riots but did you hear any anti-Islamic statement from him since he is in power? Do accept him as your nation's PM and stop fighting on these small religious issues which doesn't actually exists. 

          From years, politicians have conditioned our minds to hate another religions and only care for ours. These days they are also dividing us on the basis of our region. And the most recent development is that we are also being divided on the basis of the food we eat. So, let's not get into all this and support Yoga. If you do not want to perform, don't perform Surya Namaskar but you can do it facing opposite side of the sun, right? :-) That will not make you Hindu even by a percent. And you may also feel good that you kept the stature of your religion intact. It will make you feel that you contributed something to the development of yourself and your people. Isn't it? So please don't drag Yoga in debate. Let it get inculcated in the lives of those who really need it. Please!



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Irfan said...

Buddy, I respect your thoughts as its totally yours. It has nothing to do with those who want to spread love. I read your last post on Muslims I kept myself quite as I never put myself into situation where I feel I'm trying to push my thoughts on others, anyway, but by reading you call Hindus as 'we' and Muslims as 'you'. I though I should make a reply with a name that reflects me as yours 'you'.

If Muslims are insecure which they absolutely are not, then its just because people like you not let even a blog post to tell Muslims that in India we are not being caller Indians but 'we' and 'you'.

Just tracking we debates on news channel let you decide on what Muslims are apposing, great. I'm a Muslim. I have seen the same debate you have seen on news channel but I have a global point of view on the same on which you having your 'we' attitude.

Imagine a day in some state a Muslim says everyone living near him to start praying namaz as its good for health and one from them says, are we asking you to become Muslim. No. Are you going to become Muslim by praying namaz. No. Then why you feel so insecure.

Keeping track on debates is good. But having such 'we' 'you' thinking can damage our coming generation. Be loyal to society and it will be loyal to you.

I appreciate your happiness though!


Unknown said...

I agree your thoughts. One of my Muslim friend do yoga with me every day.

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