25 December 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Christmas is Corrupted by Our Parents (For a Good Cause) :-)

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      So, its Christmas time for the year 2011. Merry Christmas to all the Christians all over the world and specially to them who read my blogs. :-) Merry Christmas to all the Non-Christians too. :-) Actually, I wished both the parties separately because its only Christian who can feel the festival within their soul. Non-Christians can just try to celebrate the festival as good as them. But a festival is always pure and true to the one who know the depth of it. A Hindu knows what Diwali means to him because he can relate to the concept of the festival. For others, it is just a festival which gives you a chance to target rockets in the dhoti of the mischievous pandit of your society who eyes your crush everyday when she comes out for the tuition. :-) Only Muslims know what Eid means to them, for others, it is just a festival which gives them a chance to eat as much Chicken Biryani as possible at a Muslim friend's home. :-) So, in the same way, only Christians know what Christmas means and they know the real struggle of Jesus Christ. We have just heard few magics of him. 

          I remember those days in school when my teacher used to come in the classroom in the month of December and ask us to write on a piece of paper about what we want from Santa Claus this Christmas. All of us used to think a lot and finally write something and hand it to our teacher. I remember- once I wrote Chess, once a Car Toy and once, a ball. I got all those gifts from an aunty who used to come in the uniform of Santa Claus and give us chocolates and then take the names and used to gift us something. When we used to unpack it, we got exactly what we needed from Santa on the Christmas. I always thought that Santa is really very kind to me and he gives me whatever I need because my parents always say NO to such useless toys. I always asked my teacher that why does Santa comes only in December when Christmas is celebrated and why not in every month? Madam used to say that he comes only on 25th December. I asked her that it is an aunt of my colony who disguises herself as Santa and gifts me the toy, so I can ask her to come every month if you want. And teacher used to ask me to shut my mouth and go to my bench. I realize it today that how irritating I was to my teacher. :-)

           I always had this conception in my mind that its Santa who gives me those toys which my parents keep avoiding for months. When I reached in 8th std, I came to know about the corruption which our teacher, Santa and parents did with us. :-) An aunt came to my home and started gossiping with my mom. She said that she is going for shopping in the evening. My mom asked the reason and she said that her son has written a full-sleeves shirt and black jeans in the school for the Christmas, so madam has asked her to pack the dress and send to her within 2 days. I interrupted in the between and said,"But aunty, why are you giving the dress to the madam, its the job of school to call a Santa and ask him to gift all the things asked by the students?" She started laughing. My mother joined her. I kept looking at both of them stupidly. I grinned. And then my mother told me that its the parent who buy the stuffs written by us in the school and give it to the teacher and teacher gives it to the person who is going to come in the dress of Santa on the day. I was shocked and surprised at the same moment. Shocked because of the foolishness and dumbness with which I lived till today. Surprised because I came to know that my parents refused for that toy because they wanted to give it to me through Santa so that I can feel something special about it. :-)

            I was quite matured in 8th std. Yes, at least you start noticing girls of your class and their curves too. :-) So, I understood at the moment itself that Parents are the only people in our life who can fulfill our desires and bless us with everything we need. From that day, whenever Christmas comes and I see Santa Claus's pictures inn Newspapers and shops, I see my parents face in them. The respect of my parents in my mind and heart grew uncountable times. I started seeing my parents as God. I started respecting them so much because they never made me decipher the fact that its them who have bought that toy for me. Even when I used to come home by running as fast as I can and show my parents the gift which Santa gave me, they used to act so perfectly that I thought they are as surprised as me. That day I understood the greatness and godliness of my parents. That day I understood that the real Santa or God is our parents who can give us whatever we demand. Even today, if my parents don't give me something, I don't stop talking to them because I remember that they did the same with those toys I cried for in the market but they gave it to me at the right time. So, I know, whatever my parents are avoiding today, they will surely give me on the time when it will be really necessary to me. 

           So, Christmas is always a festival where I get to remember the incident I described above and I end the last week of the year in thinking about how wonderful my parents are. What would have been life of us if we would not have had parents as our caretakers? So, even this time, I will ask nothing from Santa as my Santa are my parents. I will ask my parents just for blessing me so that I can become what I can be with the potential I have in me. I will ask them through my speaking eyes to be with me even when I may fight with them in future for a silly reason. :-) Parents Are God. Parents are Jesus. Parents are Allah. Parents are Ishwar. Parents are the only well-wisher and care-taker we have in our life. God in any form, either Santa or burning Diya, is our Parents only. So, lets take the blessing from our parents so that we outperform ourselves in the upcoming controversial year 2012. :-) 

           Merry Christmas to all the parents who make their children feel special on 25th December by fooling them and corrupting Christmas. :-)



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Vickas Tomar said...

Wow .....this blog is a storehouse of all lovely,b'ful n pious feelings and a lesson for all those who thnk that Parents are rude and they dn't undrstnd thr needs n thm juz bcz of genratn gap......nice bro keep it up..u r a gem..

Anonymous said...

It reminds me my childhood incident. Once when I asked my mother who is Santa she showed me the post box and said you can call it as a Santa.
Those days all good news and surprises use to come via post, and may be that is why the letter box has red color as the Santa's dress.

Anamika said...

WOW...NICE !!!!

Writing Buddha said...

Vickas, if Im a gem, all my readers are diamond. :-)

Writing Buddha said...

Thank u Anonymous for sharing this. Ur name would have helped me to know u too. :-)

Writing Buddha said...

Same 2 u and 2 ur family Anamika.

Anonymous said...

Hey buddy,
Merry Christmas to you and your family. I believe that our parents are greatly responsible for carving our scripting our future from our childhood days. I wish you keep respecting your parents the way you are doing now, they are gems and diamonds. Some people think Ghar ki murgi daal barabar, thinking this they don't respect their parents but they forget that what goes comes back again. I am sure you will get loads of followers because you are respecting your parents and those who respect their parents go a long way.


Writing Buddha said...

PeerlessAcme, Best Example: Amitabh Bachchan. Never seen a better devotee of parents than him. :-)

Siddy said...

Than q mom and dad

Siddy said...

and tank full of thank u abhilash 4 showing me d real santa

Writing Buddha said...

Thank u buddy. :-)

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