1 December 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

The BEGINNING of the END !!! (Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara)

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            Last year, I wrote the same blog on the same day with the same title. "The Beginning of the END". Just remember the case when you realize that exams are 15 days away and you have to sit down to study as soon as possible. There are two types of reaction possible from a person. First, he may start studying as soon as he realizes that his final exams are just 15 days away. Second, he may still chill out and keep promising himself that he'll study from the next hour but finally starts when its the last night of the paper. In the first case, he benefits because he valued the time and gave importance to these 15 days because he knows that his future depends on the exam and he had already enjoyed last 4 months and these are the mere 15 days which will give him some fruits. In the second case, he keeps on ditching himself and ends up screwing himself on the last night. Neither he enjoyed these 15 days and nor did he studied. On the last night, he just curses himself for being irresponsible and careless for the last 15 days and hence, he fails and he loses the fun of those 15 days which a student gets while preparing for his examination. 

             The same condition applies in our life even when we are living a simple one without any aim. Whenever an year begins, everyone plans a resolution but fails to maintain it and consider it in his routine. He/she keeps on living the same life for the 12 months and it is on 31st December, when he sits for thinking what will be his new resolution for the next year, that he realizes he didn't followed his last resolution and ended up being the same careless person in the end. So, there's a time when a person should open his eyes and start walking on the path which he thinks will lead him to the place he wants to be at.

            It's 1st December today. You can pick your diary and take your favorite pen and start noting down all the things you did in last 11 months which are worth remembering for all your life till the end. And then recall all the plans you made occasionally throughout the year but failed to execute them because of lack of time or lack of commitment. Note them down too. Now, the plans which can be executed individually by you and you need no support of others, start executing them first. As soon as you finish all of them, go to the second part of it- The plans which can be accomplished only when your friends or a group of people will support you. Now, try to execute them too. But.. But remember that the deadline for executing all these plans should be 31st December. Yes, 31st December. So that, when you will look back at 2011, you will see it as the most successful year of your life. Don't miss a chance to make this year your best year of your life. Express yourself as much as you can. Explore yourself as much as you can. Reveal yourself as much as you can. Liberalize yourself as much as you can. But, reach the zenith. Don't give a chance to your heart and soul to say it on 1st January, 2012 that your last year was boring and you will try to make this year interesting by doing so..so.. things. This never works. We are human beings and we have adjusted ourselves according to a situation that we never start working on the 1st day itself but we realize the value of time when we have few days to meet the targets. So, rather than believing yourself again, you can start exploring yourself now to make this year a memorable one. 

           Think upon this. :-)



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Abhisek said...

Do you know, I had thought just a day back to try compensating for the time I wasted throughout the year. We have the habit of procrastination and more often than not we are aware of the result still we cover our self with he shawl of ignorance. This blog,written by you is truly thought provoking and can enthuse a series of positive thoughts within an individual. Immaculately written piece, with a touch of motivation flowing all the way till the end. Cheers for this awesome piece... :)

Anonymous said...

so after 4 book reviews finally its yours post..thoughtful...thank you for writing...

Writing Buddha said...

I have no words Abhisek sir to express myself after reading your compliment. Thanks.

Writing Buddha said...

Anamika, Hahaha, oh yes, i was full with commitments so I had to read books one by one. Do read them too and buy good books and read them.

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