20 December 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Live From London by Parinda Joshi !!!

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            Finished an another novel "Live From London" by Parinda Joshi. Let's talk about Parinda first. I liked the name of the author very much. It defines the will of a person to break all the barriers and fly as high as possible. :-) Parinda Joshi works in the field of Analytics in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles. She is a freelance columnist and a professional photographer.  Traveling tops her wish list and her favourite pastime is people watching. One night she saw a dream that she is reading a book which is been written by her. She suddenly woke up and she decided that she will write one. She started writing and in 5 months, she had the finished product in her hand. Finally, the book got released on 11th July, 2011. 

           Live From London is a book about a girl Nishi who has completed her degree from a renowned college of London. Her father wants her to take professional life seriously while she wants to cross the barrier by taking up her passion for music and singing. She ends up being humiliated in the audition of Britain's Got Talent. After that, she starts working as an intern in a record-label company. After few days of her job, she is introduced to a rockstar- Nick. As obvious, both of them falls for each other and she gets a chance to debut in an album of Nick. But fate has something else for her and she has to return to India because of some reasons. Now, she is in Mumbai- the city which provides opportunity to many. Whether she gets what she wants from life in this city of India, get the book, read it and know it yourself. :-)

          Coming to the review, its a chick-lit which is interesting at some places and boring at some. Book has nothing special in it except the cover-page, author's name :-), author's image on the back cover :-), theme of the story and language of the book. The topic selected for the book is wonderful and Parinda could have tried to explore many hidden and shocking facts of music industry. But she kept it quite easy and simple. None of the character is described properly so that you can attach yourself with it. Book seems to be written in a hurry as to meet a deadline or something. Author has the knack of writing but as its her first experience in this world of books, she failed to create the magic which Rupa Publication's other books has managed to. This book will get into bestseller list for sure because of its wonderful cover page, title and theme. I am not impressed with the story but I am impressed with the author. Book is filled with innocent humors. There is not even a single sentence where vulgarity has been shown. There are so many "What-the-fuck" moments in the book but still author has managed to keep this 3 words out of the book. She has written it with decency and an approach. Even if the climax would have been better, I would have rated it as a recommendation but even that is done in a hurry. You can read this book while traveling as its just 204 pages and an easy read. It can be read once. I would rate this book an average- 2.5 out of 5. And I am expecting something incredible from Parinda in her 2nd book as there are many writers who have failed in impressing the readers in their debut work but later on, they have managed to catch on the nerves of readers. Parinda mam, I am waiting for your 2nd one.



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Anonymous said...

Thanks for saving my 1 or 2 hrs time as I taught of taking this book seeing the title and the pic of the author... :)

Keep ON..


Writing Buddha said...

Hahahaha.. :-)

Samyuktha Semi Jayaprakash said...

I like the fact that you always do a background on the author and care abt them xD

Writing Buddha said...

Oh Yes Semi, being a Writer I know that a person is always nice its just that sometimes his work dont get appreciated. So, lets leave their worst work behind and still wait for their best to come out. :-)

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