31 December 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

2011- I Will Miss You Like Hell !!!

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       One more year comes to an end. The clock has ticked 12 AM and its 31st December, 2011. The last day to fulfill all our commitments we made to complete in 2011. The last day to see whether we have been successful in executing all our resolutions we made on the first day of the year. The last day to check out the number of people we added in our Friend List and the number of people we lost because of our mistakes. The last day to judge ourselves and analyze the growth in our professional and personal life. 31st December is not just partying for me but it's a day which lets me know what I am and what good have I done in my life. Being a 22 years old boy, I am someone who has the best strength and power to bring any task under execution, so its shameful to see sometimes that I missed a very easy thing which I could have done in a mini-second. Its 31st December and I have already scribbled all I wanted to write about myself and my journey in the year 2011 in my personal diary. I have been very active in 2010 and the amount of versatile things I did in that year still remains the best but 2011 has been an example of how I grew in terms of personal life and relations. I have earned a lot this year. Achievements have been equally good but they are not something new which happened to me. 2010 had many new adventures for me. :-) 

         Coming to 2011, let me epitomize the year and write some wonderful things I got to do this year and some beautiful and memorable things I got to witness. 

  • In the month of February, I got my 3rd Semester's result and I cleared all the subjects successfully. But the amount of drop in the Percentage was far below than the result of 1st year Graduation. 
  • The very next day, I won the Traditional Day Contest in my College where I portrayed a Bengali culture. :-)
  • After that, In Sports Day, I won the Carrom Doubles which is the 3rd Award I have achieved in this game of Carrom where I have participated for just 4 times in my life.
  • Then, I played Cricket almost after 7 years and we won the Runner-up position in my college where I was a part in my Class Cricket team. :-) 
  • Then, I was the Captain of Volleyball Team of my class and we won the Runner-up Position in this game too. :-)
  • On the day of College Fest, I had 3 Certificates and 2 Trophies in my hand which is the best performance from me in my life. I was so proud to see the twinkling eyes of my parents when I reached home with these awards. 
  • For the first time in my life, I sang a song on the stage in the Singing Competition where I tried to replicate Himesh Reshammiya. I have never tried singing in my life but just to try something new, I landed here. :-) Everyone enjoyed the funny performance by me. I also sang on the day of College Fest for my seniors as they had their Farewell on the same day. I sang a poem for them which I wrote myself. :-) Everyone liked it a lot.
  • I got my result of 2nd Year Graduation and I managed to jump few percentage more than what I did in my examination of 3rd Semester. :-)
  • I completed 2 years of Blogging in 2011 on the last day of July. :-)
  • In the month of Ramzan, I kept a Roza with my Muslim friends for the first time in my life and I felt quite pure after it. (I regularly fast 1 day/week for Sai Baba).
  • Then, I met Chetan Bhagat in September who has been my idol when I took Blogging seriously and I began creating plot for my debut novel. :-) This is going to remain the most memorable day of my life. It is not easy to meet an idol of yours. Very few lucky people get this opportunity. Thanks God for blessing me. :-)
  • Then, I got my article/opinion published in Hindustan Times for the 1st time. Before this, I had published many articles in The Times of India and once in DNA. It was again a memorable event for me. :-)
  • I submitted the so-called Project to the external guide in my college after struggling for it for months. It has been the most painful journey in college till now. Creating project is not an easy thing and I am still in those bad days when I used to sit with my project group members for 5 hours daily after college. Ufff.
  • I completed 155 Blog Posts this year. Quite less if compared to 2010's 261 blog post but I am happy with this number as this year has been quite busy if compared to 2010. 
  • I have written my 400th and 500th Blog Post this year. :-)
  • I got the number of readers of my blog tripled this year than it was on the last day of 2010. :-) Thanks for the love. :-)
  • The number of celebrities-Actors/Writers who read my blog and complimented it has also got incremented by many times. You can read their words for my blog on Celebrity Reviews page. Link is provided above.
  • In the month of August, I participated in the rally of Anna Hazare in Mumbai and I loved doing this for my country. Fine, I know what happened yesterday in Rajya Sabha and how Bill got postponed for more than 2 months. :-)
  • Recently, I met an author- Sudeep Nagarkar personally in Mumbai. This has been my 3rd Face-to-Face meet with an author after Rashmi Bansal and Chetan Bhagat. Rest, I talk on phone with many writers.
  • I also earned lots of money on Internet in a form of something else. :-) I will not disclose it here. 
  • I have read 30 books in 2011. My target was 50. Sad but still happy.
  • I became friends with my cousin with whom I didn't talked from last 4 years. Finally, everything is well. :-)
  • I have become friends with all my enemies as either I said Sorry or they said Sorry to me. Currently, I just have 2 foes in life, rest, all are friends. WOW !!!
  • In my last semester exam which I gave in November, I took 5 Supplements for a paper. This has happened with me for the first time. Hahaha. I still can't believe this. I hope I don't get a drop only in this subject. Hahaha.
  • Now, one weird achievement- I saw my Indian Cricket Team winning World Cup after 28 years. :-) Ok, yeh to subki common hai. Ignore this. :-)
  • For the first time in my life, I journeyed a distance of more than 1700 KMs in train without my parents or anyone familiar. Did it alone and I'm proud. :-) 
               Currently, I can remember only these many achivements and new things I experienced in the year 2011. There has been many small achievements and experiences but I don't want to share all of them as I am not Sachin Tendulkar about whom you are interested in knowing about. :-) I had few targets in 2011. I achieved many of them. I had a target to finish my 2nd year Graduation without any failure and I did it. I had target of 150 Blog Posts and this is my 155th. :-) I had a target of reading 50 books but ceased at 30 itself. This is shameful. :( I had a target of being friend with at least one enemy and I have been successful in being with more than ten such people. :-) I had a target of winning at least one trophy in college and I won many. Many of these targets have been accomplished in December and I am proud of making the last month of the year as productive as the other 11 months. :-) 

             In 2011, there has been a tragedy in my and my family's life. I lost my youngest Chachaji who was an Engineer in Air-Force Department of India. I can't get out of him and his memories but as it is said, THE SHOW MUST GO ON and hence, I am back on track. He is with me in my heart and I hope he is proud to see me from wherever he is. He wanted only 2 things from me- 1. To be positive in life. 2. To be friends with all. I think I have fulfilled both his wishes he had with me. :-) Love you, chachaji. You are missed by me almost every day. I hope I will make you proud so that you can give a party to all your mates in heaven. :-) 

            Ending with, A Very Very Happy Last Day of 2011 to all of you. This year has been the BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE. I hope it is the same with all of you. 2011 will always remain as a good memory to me. Love you 2011. I will miss you just as I missed 2010 throughout the year. :-) Last few hours to cherish 2011. Enjoy it. 



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Anonymous said...

Congrats & Happy New Year. :-)

Writing Buddha said...

Same 2 u. Thanks. NAME??

Anonymous said...

Oops i forgot to type it down.
The same 'young boy'.

hamaarethoughts.com said...

happy new year abhi..hope you have gr8 yr ahead!
success and many more followers ..

Anamika said...

WOW !!! feeling so nice n happy to read abt all ur achievements in 2011...gr8 going !! My best wishes for the year ahead...Happy New year..

Anonymous said...

Awesome 1 bro :) may u keep on receiving many such success in ur life , happy new year :) -kashyap (hrithikismylife from ttr) :)

Asit said...

NIce 1....mine one achievement is this that i am In vry good contact with u and u r like my brother...its always nice talking to u..u r one of the unique person that i have met throughout my life....thank you vry much that u r my friend...:) :)

Sujan said...

Wow bro congrats u have achieved a lot this year wish u the same success for 2012

Anonymous said...

Wish you a happy new year

Anu Lal said...

Keep going Buddy. All the best!

Anonymous said...

Best it yet to come. For you its just the beginning. you should do your masters in english literature. reading old british authors and literature will definitely refine you more than the contemporary lit. All the best for 2012. i hope u will achieve more this year than the previous years (if the world survive 2012 or khatam nahi hoti tu hahaha) roomana

sim cards uk said...

I'd finished high school with being bullied and still came out with amazing GCSE results ~ 4A*s. 3As. 5Bs. I decided to study at the local college which is a 30 minute journey away from me. I guess i didn't settle down as well as my friends. My best friend was in the same classes as me, and to be honest, i did start to enjoy myself!

Writing Buddha said...

Thank u Harman mam.. My regards to u and 2 ur family. :-)

Writing Buddha said...

Thank u Anamika. I hope I will keep achieving and I hope even u achieve new heights in your life.

Writing Buddha said...

Thank u Kashyap sir. :-)

Writing Buddha said...

Oh wow. Asit, thanks a lot. So happy to see such words from you. Thanks a lot. Even Im lucky to get u as a friend bcoz it gave me a push that I sud think about some other people too who need happiness. Thanks a lot.

Writing Buddha said...

Thank u Sujan. Support of nice people like u is required. :-)

Writing Buddha said...

Thank u Vijay sir.

Writing Buddha said...

Thank u Anulal sir.

Writing Buddha said...

Roomana, Thanks a lot for the wishes and suggestion. :-) Lets see what God has planned for me. :-)

sim cards uk said...

I hear Christians threaten everyone else with hell, there are millions of gods and goddesses Christians dismiss as false, demons or we are worshipping the creation not the creator, but no matter what the ignorant comments, it doesnt change who came first, the Pagans did.

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