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Plz.. Kiss me or Kill me by Mihir Raj !!!

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              I started reading this book and my right eye got swollen. I kept cursing my eyes because I wanted to finish this story as soon as possible because I started loving its characters. But the sore eyes remained for next 3 days and finally, when I woke up today morning, I saw that it was fine. I washed my eyes immediately and sat down to read the book and finished it just now. The name of the book is "Plz.. Kiss me or Kill me". The author of the book is young and handsome- Mihir Raj. 

            Let me give an introduction of the writer- Mihir was born on 19th May in Dumka, now in Jharkhand. His childhood became blessed after arrival of his younger brother Sameer in his life and family. Basically from Bihar, Mihir has done his schooling from Delhi. Naughty in childhood, shy and introvert during school days and finally extrovert and a bit reserved in college. Blessed enough to be a medico; a dream of his childhood. A medico who developed a great passion for writing by the virtue of an introspective phase in his life when he realized this innate quality. Medicine is his profession but writing is the other side of his persona. He is a star blogger at Jagran Junction and one of the winners of ‘BlogStar’ contest that was concluded recently by Dainik Jagran newspaper. His blogs are widely viewed and rated. Apart from medicine and writing, Mihir loves singing and acting. He dreams to build hospitals in far flung areas where health facilities still do not exist and where the mortality rate is alarming simply because people do not get even basic health care.

              Coming to the story- The protagonist Raj takes an admission in the medical college of his dreams. He finds that a boy is being ragged by the seniors. He goes and helps him and later comes to know that this Rajput boy- Robin is his roommate. Raj and Rahul are already friends because Raj stays at Rahul's house until he gets an accommodation in the hostel. So, these three boys turns into very close buddies. Shivani is Rahul's childhood friend and she loves him a lot. She becomes good friends with Robin and Raj and finally this friendship is turned into relationship of Brothers and Sister. Both, Robin and Raj asks Rahul to agree to the proposal of Shivani and be in relationship with her but he keeps ignoring the matter saying that he is not a perfect match for her. The day, Robin and Raj comes to know about the fact of Rahul, they get a shock but they agree to accept him as their sister's partner. Now, Raj falls in love with a senior- Charu. But, when he comes to know that Charu is also a muse of Robin, the love story goes on a year break. Then, an interesting character named- Ankita enters the story as the teacher. Before seeing Ankita as a teacher in college, Robin sees her in Lajpat Nagar and fells in love there. Seeing her as teacher is a shock to him as well as to his friends. Now, the three complicated love stories starts progressing. The bond of friendship keeps getting stronger with this race of love. Ab sab main hi bataun? Go and get the book. 

              Coming to the Review: Book starts with a very good scene of Ragging of freshers by their seniors. It's scary. The character of Robin is interesting and I like his possession of being a Rajput. The personality of the protagonist Raj is shown quite Desi initially. Thoda Masaley ki jarurat thi starting se hi. Rahul's character is shown as a suspicious character throughout the book and it's a good take. The revelation of making love with a boy of one of the male character is shown as a shock factor in the story while I ROFLed at it. I enjoyed that part. But the acceptance of other two friends after knowing it is emotional and touchy. I liked that part. The character of Ankita is the most interesting part of the book. The climax could have been beautiful but still, its fine. Book is written in a simple language. It is easy for a new reader who has just started picking up the books. 

              There are some drawbacks in the book too. Mihir is a Writer-by-chance but still book could have been proof-read and then sent for a print. There are lots of grammatical mistakes, punctuation mistakes and few spelling mistakes too. Even publisher should have seen this. The climax is very fast and Mihir should have elaborated those incidents too. The use of "Muslim Organization" is not a right thing to do while writing a book which is going to be read by masses. A religion can't be pointed out in such a way. Else, book is fine and the first half of the book is amazing while everything related to the character of Ankita is awesome. You can go for it. And my suggestion to Mihir Raj would be- Read more books of your genre buddy and try to be different from other contemporary writers in your next book. :-)



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Shashidhar Sharma said...

I enjoyed reading this one... makes me feel to take up the book ... thanks

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Writing Buddha said...

Thanks for reading about this book, Shashi sir.

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