29 December 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

"SEX" - A Word Which Changed My Life :-) But In a Wrong Way !!!

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       It was a same regular day. After sitting for the whole day in School and getting doses from my teachers, I was back in my school colony bus and ready to go and hug my mother. Yes, I loved hugging my mother whenever I met her after more than 2 hours. :-) Ok. I even like it to do now. I can never imagine any sweetest hug except the one I have with my mother. And its obvious, Mothers are the sweetest entity on this Earth. :-) So, a year elder friend of mine- Ankit came and sat besides me. He started talking about what masti should we do today in our 1 hour journey from school to colony. Very soon, the driver came and he started the bus and now, our bus was on National Highway 17. After five minutes, I heard Ankit and an another friend- Mamtesh who was also a year elder to me talking about something which I didn't understood. They were talking something in code language and I just got two words out of it- Train and Tunnel. 

          I asked them about what they are talking about but they kept smiling and didn't told me. In spite of being just 1 year elder to me, Ankit was 3 classes ahead of me and Mamtesh- 2 classes. I was in 6th Std, Ankit in 9th and Mamtesh in 8th. I gave them a last warning to tell me what do they mean by Train and Tunnel but they made fun of me and started teasing me. I got frustrated. A 11 years old boy who got his EGO hurt cannot sit quiet until and unless he takes a Revenge. :-) I got up from my seat and went to the seats where their female classmates were sitting. I pointed at them and through my eyes movement asked them,"Should I ask them what Train and Tunnel means?" They lost the smile which they proudly carried from last 5 minutes and asked me to come back. I came and asked them again. Now, they started taking the names of different terms in front of me. E.g. Sperms, Ovum, Zygote, Genes, Intercourse etc. They asked me if I have heard about these words before. I refused. Then they asked me to promise them that I'll never tell anyone that they told me about this and asked me to keep this a SECRET. And then it began.

            They told me about SEX. I didn't even knew this word before. They told me how an intercourse takes place and helped me know what kind of orgasm both the genders feel while getting attracted to each other. They told me about Sperms and Ovum. They told me about what happens in Suhagraat. They gave me an example of Kasauti Zindagi Ki where Prerna gets pregnant before marriage. They told me when she and Anurag Basu went into inserting and pushing. :-) They gave me many examples to prove me that something called SEX exists in this world. They told me that all the parents have SEX and therefore, a lady turns pregnant and give the birth to a child. I was not ready to believe that My parents did something like this. But they kept on insisting me to believe it because that's the truth/fact. They asked me to open my bag and take out the book of Science-2. They opened the Reproduction Chapter and asked me to read a paragraph in the book. It gave me a little extract of all this talks that something like this exist. And I believed them. And then the HELL began.

           I came home and didn't hugged my mother. I started seeing her with a suspicious eye every time. I started feeling bad about her that she went into something like this with my father. After half-an-hour, my father came from his factory, I started seeing him too with hatred. I wanted them to ask if all this was true. But I kept my mouth shut as Ankit and Mamtesh would have been caught as parents would have asked me the source from where I got to know about the World's Most Beautiful Thing. :-) And I came to knew about this Adventurous thing after I gave the examination of my 6th Std's half-yearly examination. I got 90% in 1st Unit Test and 85% in 1st Semester. I was in Top 10 Rankers of my Class. But after this, I scored 18th Rank in Finals. In 7th Std, I dropped down to 22, 24, 28 and 31 ranks respectively in all the 4 exams. In 8th std, I got failed in Drawing subject in the Finals as I got D Grade in it. In 9th, I dropped down to Five Point Someone. :-) And finally in 10th, when the whole colony expected me to score 85% ++, I scored a cheap 61% and got bashed by all Uncle-Aunts. This was the POWER of SEX. It ruled my mind. Being a Kid, I kept on noticing all the aunties and girls and actresses as Nude getting into Sexual activities with their husbands, future husbands and actors respectively. My life was lost into this Imagination which kept on making me Dirty than Intellectual. :-)

            Now, in 11th std, I went to Hostel and I got acquainted with ORKUT. :-) I got a chance to interact with girls as I didn't got the chance after my 6th Std as I kept on getting Dirty after that. :-) So, here on Orkut, I discussed Sex with many girls and asked their opinion about it. They deleted me, abused me and called me SICK. I enjoyed. :-) I failed 11th. :-) Now, kaise kaise kar ke, I am in Last Year Graduation. :-) Now, the interest for Sex and Lust has gone down. It is still High but not at the extreme level like it was during my school times. :-) I had 2 girlfriends before. But I never had any Sexual activities with them. Kuch bhi sochna shuru kar do aap log. :-) But, holding their hands, playing with their hairs, kissing them on their cheeks and other small lovely moments have cooled down the passion I had to get physical with a girl to see what SEX is. Now, I have accepted it as A Fact. I have accepted it as a Need of the Body. Now, I am happy to see the change in society that everyone talks about this freely and casually which leads in making SEX a Common talk rather than an activity of Excitement and Craze. :-) I talk about it with my classmates. Yes, I am talking about the girls. And they express their opinions freely. Now, I don't do this every next day. It has happened just twice or thrice in 3 years. Tum log yaar mujhe tharki hi samjho. :-)

           But, I have experienced the effect which I went into after knowing about SEX at an inappropriate age when mind is not yet matured and fledged to understand these things. I really want Parents to talk about these things with children when they start growing up and they observe that their child knows something about SEX. It will help child to understand that SEX is just a part of life and not something for which they should start considering all the Uncles Rapists and all the Aunties Sluts because they enjoyed it. This is how a child thinks. And this is true. So, I am also happy to see that Sex Education is included in the syllabus in the schools and children are also given presentations and special seminars on this topic to make them feel free and cool rather getting excited and mad. The advertisements of Condoms are shown to make people know about Safe Sex and protected Sex. AIDS is talked freely. Abortion is talked freely. It's better now.

           I remembered this today as it is exactly 10 years ago when I came to know about this. It was 28th December, 2001 when Ankit and Mamtesh told me about Sex. :-) And it was 28th December, 2011 yesterday. :-) Oh Okay, I remember the date because I remember that we celebrated New Year just 3 days after discussing Sex and we were talking only about this for the whole night after New year Party. :-) 

           Let's end now. Otherwise I'll end up completing a book "SEX- A Word Which Changed My Life" :-) 



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Deepak Karthik said...

Outspoken postttt :)
veryyy frankkkk one !
enjoyed reading it !
10 years ago ??? but i guess kids of todday will be expert in single digit age :P


Writing Buddha said...

Hahaha. Thank u Deepak. Yes buddy, Nowadays children come to know abt all this in 3rd or 4th std itself.

Anonymous said...

Pretty frank hmm Well Written... I did many stupid things between the age of 15-19, I laugh and also feel ashamed sometimes how stupid I was and how lucky I was, to have got away with those things....Though I remember my father catching me watching Mid Night Hot on FTV during my exams .. How stupid of me... :)...Anyways main fail nahi hua... bach gaya aur luckily gaaliyan bhi nahi khaya ladkiyon se because mujhe ek-do Frank ladkiyan mili thi..... Well written piece ... Keep it up


Writing Buddha said...

Hmm. Hahaha..

RDH Sir said...

Mere saath bhi ku6 aisa hi hua tha jo kabhi maine update nahi kiya.But ye blog padhne ke baad aisa lagta hai ki Main bhi q na apni story bhi likhu...

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