20 December 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Beginning of a New Era- 501st........

            501st BLOG POST -->>

       So, finally, I am stepping into an another era of my Blogging. It feels so good to type "501st". A wait to complete 500 Blog Posts is over. Now, I am someone who has scripted 500 Blog Posts without a so-called break in last 2.4 years. The love you all have given to my 500th Blog Post is so natural and lovely. I would like to spend my 501st Blog post in thanking you all. Let's start the real work of blogging from the 502nd. The day I wrote 500th Blog Post, I didn't wanted to make it the best post of mine. Otherwise, I would have attempted another fiction which is loved by all of you. Many thought that I may do something too creative in 500th Blog Post. No buddies, I just wanted to tell you all know about my feeling as a Blogger and nothing else. I talk very less about my journey/feeling as a blogger so in my Century's post(which has happened for 5 times till now), I try to write something which will help my readers know about the way my Blogging has traveled in last 2 years and 4.5 months. 

           The love on 500th Blog Post has been showered as a blessing on me. Thanks to everyone. People were saying me on Twitter and Facebook that why do you count your comments too when you claim the number of comments being posted on your 500th Blog. My only reply to them was: When you aren't commenting on my post, I will have to do something to pull you towards my blog. :-) Actually, I saw many bloggers counting their comments too in the number of comments they get on the most popular blog post written by them, so I liked the promotion funda and I followed the same. :-) What's wrong in promoting when even the THREE KHANS of Bollywood promote their movies like Beggar asks for a penny in a local train. :-) So, what if I begged for some comments? Hahaha. I hope a new conclusion will not be made from this opinion of mine: BLOGGERS are BEGGAR !!! No, we are not beggar, we are hungry of readers. :-) 

          Let me share some very beautiful comments on 500th blog with all of you:

 "Hey, as I began reading this blog, I felt somewhere that this blog is for intellectuals who have immense knowledge of English language but you brought a smart digression, as the next part was a universal read. After reading this blog, all I can say is that you are inching closer to carve your niche in the blogging arena and becoming peerless, thereby reaching to acme. All the best and one more thing I don't mind reading another 500 posts from you. I am actually glad that you are in my friend list and I know you. 
Abhisek Rai Akrant"

Congratulations on your 500th blog post…2.5 years of blogging n dis is one more landmark for ARB…an absolute achievement…I’m glad dat I came across your blog…found it interesting first your name den the blog design n the way everything is jst summed up in different sections n columns n dat to on a single page….be it labels, recent comments section, blog archives etc everything is just so simple n yet so so perfect…..
Sensible enough to atleast go through it once n find out wat u blog…so I started reading it n as you know following it from your 468 th post…well read ur previous posts too n I can see the improvement n growth…as for now I prefer to take out time n read ur posts everyday as first choice…for a month or so I never commented on your blog reason dat I thought its good to be a silent reader as i'm just another anonymous to you…n also thought dat ur like all d other boys at ur age who talk some nonsense stuff on social networking sites n seriously I hate these kind of individuals…but as they say beauty is in the eyes of beholder so I’ve choosed to ignore that part of your personna n appreciate you for your work…well u’ve just turned 22 n it’s a long way to go...I truly respect your work n the fact that you r blessed with amazing talent n creativity…you r thinker n observer who has dat passion for writing…you r regular n sincere towards blogging…I knw you take effort to do so but after reading your posts I can sense that spontaneity n it looks so effortless just as free flow of thoughts…I could connect to your thoughts n views…apki blog post baki sab ki tarah sir k upar se nai jati aur kai bar aise lagta hai h sach mein ishwar ne aapko uss nemat se nawaja h ke aap apne vicharo aur bhavnao ko shabho ki juban dekar keh sakte hain...likh sakte hai…main aisa nai kar sakti..The day I commented on your blog by introducing myself was the day wen I’ve read your 358th post(Muskurane ke karz chukane honge) n I got a reason that should not be silent but should comment…or compliment you for your job…so since den I’m reading n commenting..
Today is a big day for u n a big moment to celebrate…I’m so so happy for u n glad that as a reader for your blog I’m a small part of it…Surely one day u’ll turn out to be india’s top blogger, writer n novelist…

"Dear Abhilash (Though I know you as @BoL_BLoGGeR more),
I am reading your blog posts since last 4 months….commenting here for the first time coz after reading your blog, normally I give you my reactions on twitter!

People sometime accuse you for using foul language in tweets….but I don’t think so, coz you express your feelings as it comes in your heart & mind (in raw format, without polishing the words) AND that’s the reason I don’t wanna miss any of your feeling expressed through any medium!

Now, something about your blog…..i like reading and recommend reading your blog coz of following 5 reasons:
1. You write what you feel and what’s happening around you!
2. You normally don’t use many imaginary characters, which keeps your writing natural & fresh!
3. Your writing is simple and easy, which I like the most…..you don’t use words directly imported from dictionary!
4. You respect your parent and others in your life…..which is quite visible in your blog and in writing as well!
5. Your ability of multi-tasking…..at such an young age, you do so much…classes, movies, social do’s, household things, tweeting and beautiful blogs….my God…I sometime envy! 

We, both are Sai-Bhakt….iss se badhkar koi connection nahi ho sakta…..Hope you’ll keep on writing like this….Want to hold a book of yours in my hands with PRIDE one day…Insha-Allah!

Love always,
Adnan G."

"I have read just few of your posts..including this one and i must say YOU'RE KINDA INSPIRATION!!
keep going..wish you all the success Abhilash!
Neha Ubana"

"congo abhilash!!!! sorry, congo COMPLIER ABHILASH!
in ur every sentence there is creativity which reflects ur personality in very good manner...while reading ur post i never feeled that , "Yaar ye boring hai...." 
as i joined u too later i started reading all ur past posts watever i feel is that there is kind of consistency in ur writings each post is well balanced ...writing skills are awesome.....ur language is simple to understand unlike other complex bloggers.....as i told u my parents readed ur couple of posts they also liked it..
so once again CONGRATULATIONS on ur 500th post and hope u'll give us many treats of reading materials ...thank u! n ATB!
-shubham chakrawar"

"Abhilash ki abhilasha se saji jindagi//Kamyaabi ki raah par chalti uski jindagi//Dekha tha sapna jisne gagan choomne ka//Us kamyaabi ke gagan ki oor badhti uski jindagi||
Manjil ki justjoo hai//Manjil ki hai deewanagi//Us raahi ki raah nira aur nira manjil-e-deewanagi||
Maana bahut uljhane hain is jahan ki raaho par//par bhar legi khud khushiyan usko ek din apni baahon mein aakar||
Dua karta ye Vickas aj ki roshan ho naam tera aur cha jaye tu is jahan par//likh de safalta ki nayi ibarat tu o 'bol blogger o bol blogger.
Vickas Tomar"

"abhilash bhaiya 
you are truly an amazing blogger.Congrats on your 500th post. I am truly very happy and I made 5 of my friends read your blog and they love it.so you owe me a treat (kidding!) I have been lurking around here a lot but didn't comment till now as i felt compelled to congratulate you on your achievement. you asked what we expect in the future posts so here it is: just be yourself.You are awesome by just doing that. hoping to looking forward to the day when blogger abhilash is writer abhilash.

             So, these are the best beautiful words I found in the comment section of my blog. You can see a girl named- Avantika commenting on my blog and calling me bhaiiya. Seriously speaking, I don't know this girl and I never knew that a girl named Avantika reads my blog. Avantika, its my request from you to please help me know who you are. Even I like to know my readers. :-)

           Many people asked me for initializing movie reviews too. Actually, I don't have interest in watching much movies. I don't even watch 10 movies in a year. 1-2 in multiplexes and 3-4 on television. Not more than this. Some asked me to write more book reviews while some said that I should reduce the number of book reviews I write. It's my vacations right now and hence I am completing a book in a day because of which too many reviews is being raining on my blog. Once my college will start, they'll give me my ex-gf back to me- PROJECT and after that, I'll have to give all my time to her. :-) Even Day and even NIGHT :-) So, you are going to see approximately 5-6 reviews in a month from February. This time no one pointed an allegation on me that I do write some stuffs unnecessarily just to increase the number of Blog Posts. Thank God. I seriously don't write numerous blogs to increase the number. You can check out the number of blogs I have written in 2011. It is far less than the number of blogs I wrote in 2010. 

              And now, coming to the most important point. Many people requested me to stop being abusive and too frank on Twitter. They said that its fine that you don't write these abusive words on your Blog but a person who starts liking you as a Blogger, goes and checks all your work- either on Twitter, Facebook or anywhere on Internet. So, everyone said that people doubt me and my character once they see that this guy has two faces- One of Twitter and One of Blog. So, friends, I am sorry that I compelled all of you to doubt me for this silly reason. I have almost decided that I will tweet less from now. And even if I'll feel like abusing on something, I'll do it in a straight-forward manner rather than vulgarizing the same thing. I hope people will not feel ashamed of following me on Twitter too, then. Some of you even say that I am fine with whatever I post on Twitter but even I feel that I should confine my usage of abusive words on Twitter. I hope I'll change it soon. :-) 

            Many people created their blog by seeing me. They said that even they have some things to share with people around us so even we will write. "You are our inspiration". See friends, let me tell you, Inspiration is different and Copying is different. You have not been inspired from my work, you are just trying to copy it. Seeing my Blog which is 500 posts older, try something different in your life in which you think you can influence others and make them do something in life rather than sitting and watching television and sports for the whole day. There are freelancing jobs which you can do by following sports, there are many different things in the world by doing which you can make your name in it like I am trying to do it through blogging. It's not necessary to select Blogging just by seeing the fanciness around my blog. Please, don't get influenced in this manner. Try to understand. Hope, I am not sounding arrogant. :-)

            Ending my 501st Blog with a commitment that I will try many more genres of writing in my next 100 blog posts and I hope at my 600th Blog post, you will say that I have grown up a lot since my 500th Post. :-) And I need your love in life. "Your Support is my Success" This is the key line of my Blog which you can see at the top of the page. Nothing else makes me feel successful other than your support and comments. Keep talking to me through blog's comment section, Twitter(link is on my page), Facebook or GTalk and keep letting me know what you like about my blog and what you dislike. Because no one loves me, everyone loves my blog. :-) Time to leave you all. 




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Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for writing after 4 days..I was actually waiting for a new post...so 501th n its nicely written..i'm happy to see the success you have achieved...also you've took the criticisms positively...Well i read this in morning n dat too at 6:30 am..wanted to post a comment too but at that moment after reading I WAS LIKE " NOW HELP ME ABHILASH TO WRITE SOMETHING "as beautiful as your posts...
Seriously i didn't knew dat my last comment was dat beautiful...Thank you so much for putting dat here in your blog space...i'm grateful n honoured..But i think not only mine but every appreciation n comment you"ve got for 500th is something which you truly deserve...It shows the effort n dedication you have put in n dats your achievement which is complimented...God just bless you always...you just keep up the good work n yes do write regularly n maintain the quality...all the best...

hamaarethoughts.com said...

nice congrats...
keep it up! and hope to see mny more comments n readers coming up!

Writing Buddha said...

Thank u Anamika. Oh, u sud always comment with heart. Dont think of it matching the level of blog. Sometimes the level of a blog post may be down so will you wait for the words to write a comment by degrading its quality? Hahaha. So, be free to comment always. And its good Anamika, that you follow my blog so passionately that you are almost among the first persons to read it. My salute to you for this. :-)

Writing Buddha said...

Thank u dear Supporter- Harman mam.

Anonymous said...


Writing Buddha said...

So sweet of you, Anamika. Thanks.

avantika said...

yay!!! i got mentioned in your blog.I an truly very very happy.Thanks for making my day.
You don't know me bhaiya.i have never commented on your posts as it feels like i am degrading the quality(as another commenter said above) and i have never chatted with you. I called you bhaiya as you always sound like an elder and responsible brother and you are older than me.
i am a big fan of yours.keep on blogging!!!

Writing Buddha said...

Wow. Love you Avantika. I am so so delighted to see that a girl like you reads my blog and see me as an elder brother even when I don't deserve to be. But I am very happy after knowing about u. And there;s nothing called degrading the quality. The love and comments of my readers just add quality to my blog and blog page. U can yourself see that how much your comment made my day special that I added it in my 501st blog post .:) So keep commenting. And d commenter you are talking about was also a silent reader like u but now she comments on every post and I like talking to her. So I would like you to keep talknig with me in comment sections. Love u Avantika for being so sweet to me. :-)

avantika said...


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