22 December 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

truly, madly, deeply by Faraaz Kazi !!!

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            This time, it took a long time to complete a book. 1 hour ago, I completed Faraaz Kazi's "Truly, Madly, Deepy - Memoirs of a Heart's First Love!". Let me talk about the author first- Faraaz Kazi is currently pursuing his post-graduate studies in management in Mumbai. He is a certified soft-skills trainer and runs his own academy in the same field. He completed his creative writing from XIC and possesses a diploma in freelance journalism from the British Institutes. He is fondly referred to as ‘The Young Marketer’ and operates a revolutionary blog with the same name and writes for major media houses on the same subject. With thousands of books under his priceless collection, he is more than an avid reader. He has sung nine songs for a major studio and represents a local club in their cricket team. He is a fellow member of the esteemed ‘Film Writers Association of India’. This book is Faraaz Kazi's first book which released in 2010. As a first time writer, he is worth commending. 

            Coming to the story of the book, Rahul Kapoor shifts to USA because of a reason. After coming to USA, he is lost in his thoughts and his classmates find him weird and he gets Sahil as a very good companion. He talks less but still Sahil remains with him. This is what Rahul needed after leaving his beautiful and equally hurtful past behind. But, as he creeps into loneliness in this new place, he remembers all what happened between him and Seema(whom he loved with passion) right from the first meeting to the last. And this is how, a teenage love story is unfolded in front of us(the readers). It is an interesting tale of how people take wrong decisions when they fall in love for the first time. How the misunderstandings overcome the passionate love between the lovers. Everyone who has achieved their first love will connect nicely with the story. So, get the book, it is definitely a One-time read. 

             Coming to the review, Faraaz Kazi has used a very unique writing style to launch himself as a writer. His attempt of showing all his writing talents in his first book is easily visible. He has written with all his efforts. He has used a language which some may find difficult as there are too many vocabularies which may limit his readers but still, I don't think that those words are going to cease anyone from understanding the story. It is not a blockage to the story. 

            The story is a pure teenage love which begins from school. You will relate yourself with each and every sequence of love described by the writer. There are many sequences in the book which makes you eager to know what happened next. This book is a perfect page-turner as the story has many elements in it. In the first half, "A five star day on mars" is an awesome chapter. The first kiss is described sweetly and sensuously- both at the same time and it is one of the few attempts of showing a kissing scene in a book which I'll remember for a long time. :-) Yes, these things are meant to keep in mind for your next attempt with your partner. :-) When the House contest begin in the school, you get too many elements to enjoy in the book. First, the quiz contest, then the most exciting cricket match where everything is stated so clearly and excitingly and then comes the debate competition where you will love the way Rahul shouts and states his point and make the rivalry team shiver. :-) In all, the story of this book is amazing and you will love to keep this book in your shelf at the top.

           Now, coming to the drawbacks of the book, it has too many poetry and songs between the story which has just caused an addition to the pages of the book rather than emotion in the heart of a reader. It is a blockage in the story. When you are reading a story in a go, you want to move ahead sooner rather than reading the poetry and songs. Second, the book has no unwanted sequence but still the length of the story could have been shortened. This is one reason why a reader will ignore picking it up when other love stories are embedded in 230 pages or less. Faraaz should have tried to shorten some descriptions but its fine if a reader has the talent of completing a book in 3 to 5 hours. :-) Cover page is perfectly designed according to the state of the protagonist's mind. Book is again heavily priced when compared with others. Other Indian love stories are available in 100 rs while this one is available for 175. Publisher should be blamed for this. But I hope that you may get it for less on Infibeam and Flipkart website. Else, I am rating this book- 4 out of 5. All the marks is for the description and making everything look so real and still filmy. You can give this book to your partner as a gift on this Valentine's Day. :-) 



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hamaarethoughts.com said...

..looks like..lot of teenage love goin on!
I guess every one goes through..and I have passed that :)
mine was,,mills n boon got me so hooked I keept on dreaming ..looking for NRI ..and landed here in USA..
thanks to my Mills and boon
merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Nice review dude...


Am new to Mumbai...So can u tell me from where u get the all the books which u review?...Don't tell the site names or bookstores....I heard that Mumbai is heaven for the readers as v will get lot of books at roadside... :)

A daily reader of ur blog.. :|

Anonymous said...

dude how much money do these authors pay u for writing nonsense stuff for them??
I am also coming up with a book by srishti publishers..i will also pay u.. :)

Writing Buddha said...

Harman mam, Hahaha.. Loved it. :-)

Writing Buddha said...

To the first anonymous, Let me tell you that I dont publish such comments on my blog which comes with an anonymous identity. U cud have written your name too after writing your comment.

Let me tell you, I am a budding writer myself. I know what will be the consequences if my books will be pirated and will be sold on roads. So, I dont do this with others too. I get it from sites. but as u are too cheesy when it comes to spending rupees for book, I would suggest you to ignore the reading habit of yours. Bcoz, if u r interested in reading the books by purchasing them from roadsides, its better that you find a good roadside bookseller yourself and read the books. I am not the right guy who can help you with this. People like u are the one who shout at the government for spreading the corruption, but its you and the people like you who gives the fire to corruption by choosing these ways of surviving and living. Thanks. And I thought of deleting the comment but I wanted to reply to someone like u who cant even reveal the name being super coward and then , you try to target someone who is on the right path and doing what he likes in life. Good-bye. And I didn't expected this comment from a regular reader of my blog. Thanks.

Writing Buddha said...

Now, to the second idiot anonymous, if you are really coming up with your book under Shrishti publications, I am ashamed that they accepted a person like you. They should have made a paper ball of your manuscript and throw it in a gutter in front of you.

Second, You can inquire as many writers as possible as you are yourself a writer so its easy for u to talk to them. Go to all of them who have been reviewed by me and ask them personally that how much Abhilash Ruhela charge for writing a good review and they will pee on your face.

Third, as u have given me an idea of getting paid for this, these are the rates of reviewing the book- 5 stars lene k liye, 1 crore.. 4 stars ke liye 80 lakh.. 3 stars ke liye 60 lakh.. 2 stars k liye 20 lakh.. aur 1 star k liye 10 lakh..

ab agar GAAAND mein dum ho toh a/c number maang lena mere email ID pe mujhse tera book review karaane k bheek maangne k liye..

And, when you can't do anything special in your life, at least don't shit on the way where good people are walking with an ambition and passion. Now, you can start collecting the money for getting your book reviewed by me. and if you'll say that I am not worthy of reviewing your book, then let me tell u, its u who asked me to review your book as u r interested in paying me. :-)

hamaarethoughts.com said...

Very well said abhilash!
hats off to those Guts!
people //jus be polite n not jealous!

mahua said...

chill man, u r doing gr8, block anonymous..
nice review, faraz ne yeh link facebook mein liya hai..

Writing Buddha said...

Harman mam, Hahaha. They deserved this.

Writing Buddha said...

Yes Mahua, I know it. :-) Why to block these stupid people. Let them get reply at their faces. :-)

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