7 September 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

Some moments from Fresher's Party!

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              I had got an opportunity to anchor and host the Fresher's Party at my Management college. This has been the 4th time when this opportunity has been given to me. And there's a different fun in hosting Fresher's Party as the new juniors want to get comfortable with their seniors and adapt with the whole culture of the institution. This day makes them feel that their seniors are their friends and not bullies. A host has to play a friendly role throughout so that they feel homely. I tried my best and I do not know if I was successful or not but what I know is, I was asked to host Teacher's Day yet again yesterday which I had to decline because of an event I had to attend. Alas! And thanking the batch of 2nd year who also gave me the privilege of judging the event and shortlisting and announcing the winners for Mr. Fresher and Miss. Fresher. I hope I judged it right. And to see if I made the right students win, I made them host Teacher's Day in my absence. :-) Management, you know. Haha! So here are some pics that shall speak how as an Anchor, I conveyed myself... 

Posing before the event and trying to flaunt my beard

With Sinku Gupta, a guy who performs in almost every College event

Standing with my anchoring partner and a great friend, Vandana Singh

Posing with her....

Listening to our Director, Dr. Henry Babu's speech

Smiling at something my partner has cracked in the name of joke :/

Analyzing someone's performance as I'm also the judge of the event

Questioning one of the Shortlisted Contestants in the Final Round

Now it's turn of my anchoring partner to smile at something I'm speaking

Calling out the names of Shortlisted winners

Standing with Previous Year's Mr. and Miss. Fresher!

With my whole class at the end of DJ Night celebration!

I hope that you would have liked the photographs.


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Soulmate said...

Nice pictures!

Its like telling stories through photo captions. Great work.

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