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Beyond Forever..in love by Kiran Joshi (Book Review-2.5*/5)!!!

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       Out of my busy schedule due to the last semester of college, I am getting quite less time to read this month and this shall continue for all the months to come in 2014. Somehow, I am done reading Kiran Joshi's debut 184-pages novel "Beyond Forever ...in love" published by Pustak Mahal/Cedar Books. It is another attempt by an Indian author to write a love story and touch hearts of the audience who believe in simple and heart-touching stories. As a debutant, Kiran Joshi has given a fine attempt which can be kept in consideration that the writing will improve with books to come. Anyone who attempts chick-lit or love stories in India aren't expected to be great writers with their first book and hence I won't be very harsh on Kiran Joshi. Considering her age and experience, it was wonderful to find that the plot of the book had something into it which can keep me excited to read the book till the end of it. 

            Kiran Joshi's writing style is very Indian and simple. You will not run for dictionary even once. If you love teenage love stories then Kiran Joshi might be one of your favorite authors in future. But if you have already progressed and have started exploring other and bigger genres then Kiran Joshi will remain unattended. The story that she has narrated focuses on how Kamna, who is about to turn into a physiotherapist, has already faced harsh truth in love with her ex-boyfriend, Pratik. The experiences she had with him makes her believe that love would be the last thing she would be looking for. However, she meets Varun and finds herself attracted towards him. Later on she comes to know that he is son of one of the richest businessmen of India. What happens next is why this book has to be purchased by you. :-)

           With Kamna and Varun, even other friends are discussed and their character is treated extremely well. If this is how authoress has treated characters in her first book itself, with refinement and exploration, she can develop better characters in her future ventures. I found few drawbacks too: Starting with, I didn't like story to be as simplistic as this. Everything was very predictable from the word GO. Also, there are few grammatical and spelling mistake for which I would like to thrash the publication house. What were their editors doing? But overall, I appreciate that Kiran Joshi didn't drag and stretch the simple story and made it boring. I give this attempt of her- 2.5 out of 5 stars. Specially written for the audience between 15-23 age group.



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