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Light Denied by Mangala (Book Review-3.25*/5)!!!

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        Mangala Nagarajan is one authoress whom I adored since the release of her debut book "Amidst The Tides Lies a Beautiful Island". I was so impressed with the book that I had to rate it 4.25*. She has again got herself self-published but this time with Gargi Publishers. The curiosity to read her 2nd venture "Light Denied" has been on high since its announcement and finally, I can breath sigh of relief. Mangala has a very simple and sober way of conveying her story to readers which reflects innocence in each and every word scribbled. Right from the 1st page to last, you understand the intention of the author and the message she wants to deliver.   

            Light Denied is a trial of Mangala to make the common people understand the plight of people with disabilities. Here, she discusses about a girl "Mukhi" who's blind and can't see since her birth. Her parents offend her every now and then and treats her as a servant. It is her grandparents who understand that Mukhi needs love and she is capable of doing many things but depression has made her under-confident. Her friends help her to grow and show her real talent to the world. To know what Mukhi does in the end and in the process, get the book. :-)

            I liked one thing about the author that she didn't over-exaggerate anything to uselessly generate emotions. She didn't mention a single scene where someone had teased the girl for being blind or disabled(except parents). She has focused just on how a blind girl too has the same emotions as us and how love and support can give a better life to such people. The role of grandma is perfect and that's a memorable character that shall stay with me for a long time. 

            Summarizing, author's narration is very friendly. Book is just 186-pages and hence you can complete it in one sitting. The message that author wanted to deliver has been told well. There are few editing mistakes. But that's always an issue with new and small-scale publishers. Also, I still find author's first book far better than this. It had some really mind-boggling sub-plots whereas this book is very simple in comparison to that. Light Denied is also predictable at most of the times. Cover page of the book is very beautiful and it's something you would like to keep above all your books in the desk. I give this attempt 3.25*/5.



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