6 September 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

If FAILED, DO NOT Prove that you deserved PASSING! PLEASE!

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         The result of Semester 4 got displayed a week ago. I was specifically looking forward to it as passing this semester would mean 2 years of MCA completing successfully. I was enough tensed to think anything except I am passing. After entering my seat number in the textbox and clicking on Submit, I got to read that the Seat No. 8881 has passed successfully. What a surprising and cheerful moment it was! Later on the gazette came in college and I saw my marks. It has been the worst of all the 4 semesters I have given but I didn't question them. I know the reason behind the results. It is always a portrayal of what you are. Yes, sometimes results are surely surprising but that happens with scholars and not with mediocre students like us. For our league, it's always greatness to see that at least we have cleared the exam or at most, failed in not more than 1 subject which can be cleared by giving it for re-evaluation. 

           And this time the result has been very strict. Many students have failed as Semester 4 and 5 are as hard as breaking rock with your hands. Before my first paper of Java, I was literally shivering with a realization that I would fail as I knew nothing a night before. I didn't give the subject enough time considering it as the first examination and the last 3 days of Preparation Leave would be for it. But when I opened the notes and found the whole Himalayas been discussed in the syllabus, I considered myself as Fail and even posted it on Facebook. Few motivations and I ended up mugging up all the important points of each topic and somehow passed that subject with 64%. What more could have I demanded? In semester 3, I had said my mother to be ready for 3 KTs but I cleared it with the highest marks ever scored by me in MCA. So that's how results are. You never know what you are and hence you are never asked to evaluate your performance academically and professionally. 

           Every child has an ego which makes him feel that he is one of the intellectual souls in the classroom. But if that would have been true, the TOP 3 ranks would have seen many different names each semester. But you will find the Rankers being the same every time. That clarifies at what position you are. And that's what you deserve with the kind of effort you put in studies. I hardly question my University for the percentage they give me. Yes, I do challenge teachers for the Internal assessment marks because I feel it's always according to First impression created which is wrong. There are few students who take time to develop themselves and they should get their due later on. Also I don't find any difference between students like me and those securing 19 out of 20 marks in each subject's Internals. But you can't question your faculty because it might reflect in more worst Internals in next semester. And that's how you are been crushed by this whole thing called EDUCATION SYSTEM.

         Coming back to my topic of Results:- Whenever a result is announced, it's final. You agree or disagree but that becomes a truth which can not be changed. In front of several high-quality cameras and audience, an umpire gives a silly decision and a player about to score his century goes back to pavilion with a strange look but he does not challenge the decision. But there is always an opportunity to be your dream in the next chance that you would be getting. Start focusing over that than cribbing about what has already happened. I am finding not one but many of my friends massaging their ego by challenging the result of failure this semester. Even those who have passed successfully are saying that they deserved more. You are what your result says and therefore a graph is asked to maintain at home. That shows your rise and fall. 

          If you have score 75% once, that does not qualify you as someone who will always end up scoring 75 or above. You can come down at 55% too. And then the real life starts for you:- to score 75% back and prove yourself that you are still the same person and not someone who found it hard managing with academics. When you write the answer paper, you try attempting all the questions. You even do that. But later on, you forget that almost 30% of paper was attempted in quest of attempting ONLY. You didn't know the answers and you made it in your language. You thought you had fooled the examiner but no, you have not. If you think you deserved First class or Distinction, even after passing give the paper for re-evaluation. Do you have guts? Hahaha! Your silence and unsaid frustration says it all. Stop proving yourself between your friends that you are one of them and not a Failure. Better focus on the next Semester which is more harder and tougher than the previous one. The same ego-massaging story of yours won't be heard again and again. 



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