21 September 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

Review: Khoobsurat: Unwanted discipline creates nuisance! **

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          Rekha's Khoobsurat is still remembered. It's fun to watch. Anil Kapoor Production thought of remaking it with Sonam Kapoor and rebuild the magic of the classic. In the process, Sonam Kapoor yet again made fool out of herself. Fawad Khan, being a wonderful actor, got hijacked in a silent role. And Producer is surely going to lose his money as the movie has opened with very less percentage in almost every region. It's a story about a royal family which believes in maintaining discipline and silence. Once they used to be very cheerful but an incident changed the whole modus operandi of their life style. In comes Sonam Kapoor as a physiotherapist for the head of the family and finds it hard to settle her imperfect personality in this disciplinary environment. And now starts the journey of the family finding their lost laughs back and Fawad Khan falling in love with her in spite of being a Prince. Well, a typical Bollywood story, isn't it? 




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