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Review: Mary Kom: Watch it for Priyanka Chopra's performance! ***½

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MARY KOM: 3.5/5

      From a year and so, the excitement towards the film Mary Kom has been immensely wonderful. The casting of Priyanka Chopra was been appreciated but people were skeptic if she would be able to do that. After Barfi, it was evident that the actress can carry any role but what she has done in this movie can be easily called as one of her best performances. A film that's based on sports need a wonderful actor who can carry out a tough role like this. Priyanka Chopra carries the whole spirit in her body language which makes you feel that you are watching the real MC Mary Kom, the 5 times World Champion in boxing. Film keeps falling flat lot of times but Priyanka with her performance lets you wait for the things to unfold. It wouldn't be something new telling the kind of effort she has put for building herself to suit in this role but her hard work, determination and emotional attachment with the movie can be noticed in almost every scene.      

             Director Omung Kumar has chosen a very difficult topic for his first film for which he should be applauded. Film, in nutshell, can be said to be a fine movie that can not let you say that you are dissatisfied but it also restrict you from calling it a movie that is par-excellent and extra-ordinary. Kumar ensures that the movie isn't 3.5 hours long like Bhaag Milkha Bhaag but in the process, he fails to develop audience's attachment with any particular scene. Movie runs so fast that you are unable to connect with a particular emotion, smile or tears. In the movie, MC Mary Kom goes bald, gets frustrated, falls in love, beats the opponent, plays for her country and does many extra-ordinary stuff but it is shown as something happening next door. That's the problem. And that makes Mary Kom, the movie, not that much of extra-ordinary. Sad!

             Saiwyn Quadras has written a wonderful script that lets you understand the movie without using much of your brain. His screenplay makes it easy for you to relax and watch the movie. Yes, initially few scenes are confusing when the years are rolled further and backward but later on, every thing is fine. I just wished if movie could have been either fully filmy or fully realistic. Director and writer have made few scenes too filmy while few of them, purely realistic. And that is why you get confused what sort of cinema is been shown to you. Songs are beautifully put which does not stop the movie. The emotion of mother is also shown nicely and lets you connect well with this part of Mary Kom more than her passion of boxing. But, the movie serves its purpose well of letting us know how complicated and difficult life of Mary Kom has been. 

             The other star casts of the movie also play their part perfectly. Sunil Thapa as coach sir and Darshan as MC Mary Kom's husband definitely leave their mark upon us. Other Manipuri actors are also sweet and elegant in their role. The head of Boxing Federation also plays a great villain. In all, I just wished if this movie would haveen half an hour longer so that director could have got enough time to develop each scene in audience' heart. It seemed as if he is writing an exam paper that has to be completed in 2 hours. Just that otherwise the movie is surely watchable and one of the best movies made on Sports after Chak De India and Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. It can surely be counted in this league of the movies. I give it 3.5 out of 5. 2 stars is for Priyanka Chopra. Watch it for her performance. 



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Mary Kom said...

Priyanka has really done justice to the role of boxer. Great performance.

Soulmate said...

I am yet to watch the film, so really cannot comment on it. But my friends who watched it said that the movie is inspirational.

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