31 July 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

5 Years of Blogging! And after 1125 Blog Posts.....

1125th BLOG POST -->>

        5 years ago, on 31st July, 2009, I wrote my first Blog Post without even knowing what Blogging is. I just came to know that it's a medium through which I can express my views on various topics. As I have been a single-child, it excited me as I realized I would get few people to talk with through my blog posts. I started writing about my daily routine and from there, I have reached here where I have left speaking about myself but more about what I get out of my life which I feel others could get too. I have become too positive in life since the experience of Blogging have come around. The amount of opportunities and experiences this odyssey of Blogging have provided me isn't easy for a common man to have. I have never ever considered my Blog as a materialistic possession I own. I have always seen it as a source of spirituality, motivation and happiness in my life. 

            When I see back, I find love of so many of you which never makes me feel bad even when my best friends stop talking to me or vice-versa. I have always found solace in the time I spend in working on my Blog. Though I have become quite irregular with my blog these days but I do think of it whenever I am alone. I keep analyzing my routine and think of how to bring it back in the same momentum as I have carried it till 1000th blog post. That was the only dream I had with my blog. I wanted to see it touching 4-digits mark. And it did. I never aimed at the number of followers or hit I get. Even today when someone asks me what's the monthly hits of my blog or what amount of email subscribers I have, I give them the same answer each time- "I Don't Know". 

            I have seen many people coming out with their blogs in various genres but I find them being ostentatious. They want their friends to call them "dude" and respect them for the blog they write or copy-paste. This is the worst attitude one can have while creating a blog and continuing it with several posts that their friends will appreciate them for the uncommon thing they do. Until and unless, your heart does not ask you to write, you shouldn't. If you any other aim with your blog, it's wrong. Earning through blogging is the mainstream, if you are into that, then it's well and good. But if it's about gaining respect in your social circle, a reality check would be needed urgently. 

            Well, let's come back to my space. Whatever has been achieved by me through Blogging is because of the love and continuous support that my readers have given me. Even the person who must have visited this space only once added something to this portal. He gave it a recognition of the number of unique visitors it has had till date. These are the materialistic numbers people crave for and hence the contribution is made to this blog. Many celebrities have visited my blog and made it more genuine in their fans' view. They started following this because their idol liked and appreciated something. There are few people whom I would like to specially mention in the end- Nitin Goyal- for the domain, Sunil Kaushil- for the logo, Anamika, Snehal, Wilshire, Raja for being my most active readers and my friends on Facebook and Twitter who share the links whenever they find a post credible and deserving. 

            I hope to see all of you in this journey till its end. Please stay by my side and never talk about leaving me in this journey where even I don't have an idea how far the destination is. But I know that if I have my readers along with me, I will surely reach the topmost level that this blog can take me to. I love each and everyone of you and I can not describe in words what it means to have all of you with me in a process that has made me a disciplined person from someone who didn't know how to live further at a point of time. Just imagine the role of yours in my life through this space. You and me can together take this medium at a stage where people would give it as an example. Let's work towards this. What say? And the 6th year begins. :-) 



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Ashish Kumar said...

many many congratulations... keep blogging... :)

Pankaj said...

Kudos Abhilash! Not a lot of people can maintain such consistency...Though your posts are a delight to read I'd like to suggest an improvement for your site design..please use a simpler, more reading-friendly design.. as in a 2 column template with clearer typography.. Keep blogging!

Soulmate said...

Happy 5th anniversary of blogging! Its been a long journey. I have learnt so much from your blogs. Especially which books to read and which films not to see :)

And yes, readers like me are like chewing gums, we'll stick with you no matter what! :)

Be happy and look after your health :)

All the best with your future blogs! Cheers!!

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