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Review: Kick: Better than Salman's last few movies! **½

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KICK: 2.5/5

        I watched Bhai's movie on Sunday: KICK. Well, even if I would not have known the title of the movie, dialogue writer have ensured that the word is repeated almost 50 times to let the audience know why they are here for. The first half of the movie makes sure that you leave the theater hall. There's nothing extravaganza or larger-than-life that you expect from a Khan movie. The only good part about the first half is Jacqueline Fernandez. She looks beautiful, calm, hot, sweet and almost everything that an actress should look like. It is also good to observe that actress in a Superstar movie is given good screen space in first half itself. Hangover is beautifully choreographed and presented on the screen. That's the only song which relates with the flow of the story and also, given a very good treatment. 

           Coming to second half, it is now that the movie starts for which you have paid immensely. Randeep Hooda plays a very wonderful role which assures that your paisa will be vasool-ed. The provenance of Nawazuddin Siddique in the movie brings humour and excitement which makes you laugh and giggle every 5 minutes. And it is also a bizarre experience to see Nawazuddin in a commercial movie like Kick. This will surely open the doors for him in this genre of movies like it did for Randeep Hooda. His laughing style and casual way of delivering dialogues makes the audience throw coins on the big screen. :-) 

          The trailer of the movie promised wonderful action scenes never seen before. I am drastically disappointed finding none of the scene that could make me scream and shout or go crazy by the spectacular experience. I disliked Jai Ho because they try to tell audience how great Salman Khan is by showing his helping attitude for poor and helpless people. They give the same turn here in this movie by showing that Salman Khan becomes villainous just because he wasn't supported when he wanted to contribute money to a girl for her operation. Somehow he ends up saving her and finds that the KICK that he keeps finding in everything is in bringing smile on small kids' faces. Now he decides to collect money for operating all the sick and disabled children. And starts killing everyone related to Nawazuddin S, the owner of a trust, who declines helping Salman Khan with money when he was collecting it for the first child he found ill. Hell! That's the main story line of the movie. But I silenced my anger by realizing- at least this Salman Khan-starrer has a story.

           Similarly, songs seems to be forcibly inserted into the story line of the movie. Yaar Na Miley suddenly begins in the middle of the story and the same happens with Jumme Ki Raat. Though the songs look great on the screen but it only irritates you as you get involved in the movie and don't expect any song in near future. The locations in the movie are delight to watch. Salman Khan acts like he does and that makes you shout and scream whenever he gives an expression of winning the game. Climax is handled brilliantly because of which I say that watching Kick isn't a totally bad idea. It has few moments that will surely interest you. But, where does Jacqueline Fernandez abruptly gets disappeared? If I could have understood that, I would have said Kick a fine movie but.. it is again one of those Salman Khan movies "jo 100-cr club mein aati hai samajh mein nahi". 



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