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The Mystery of Bila Land by Nitish Krishna (Book Review-3.75*/5)!!!

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     When you get a 149-pages book from a publisher like Notionpress with not so good quality cover page, what do you expect out of it? Nothing. And if it's from a debutante, you read it just because you have nothing else to read. Having no expectations, I read Nitish Krishna's The Mystery of Bila Land which is first part of the two-book series. The second part is named "Quest for the lost land" and will release later. Now as I am done reading, I can say that this is one of the few books that kept me alive throughout the story and never let me indulge in any thing else than reading the book. I wish if this book could have been of 100 more pages. I am dying to read the 2nd part and check it out if Vibhas finds the lost land again or the search continues. Somewhere, my heart says that he will find and lose it again. Did you see the excitement this book generated in me? I have started predicting the climax of its 2nd part which is yet to release even its synopsis. :-)

 Nitish Krishna has a wonderful power of story-telling. I won't say that he is a great writer but the way he has narrated the story makes you believe each and every part though some of them are totally hypothetical or impossible. He has written this book in a manner that it does not make you use much of your brain to remember the name of the characters and what happened when and why. Also the twists that keeps taking place happens at right time which neither takes the story down nor up. I wished if Nitish would have over-described few parts as it could have become one of those parts that a reader would have mentioned all his life as the best pieces he has ever read.

          Even though this book can be called from the genre of historical fiction but it is better than most of the books releasing these days as an adaptation of mythologies that we have already seen on television or read from great saints of India. The way Bilas are described and the land is mentioned shows how respectfully author has created the plot that assures the essence of the story isn't lost. I also loved the character of Madhav, Shubh and her father's a lot. Every character, even in a 150-pages book, is well-explained and created. You can feel every character's emotion. The climax of the book is something that takes this several levels up and does not let you feel let down even when it has a touch of sadness. That's where I developed respect for the story-telling skill of the author. This is one book I would ask everyone to read if they like reading historical fictions. It's a light read. I give it 3.75*/5. 



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