3 July 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

Happy Half-Year Anniversary! But Resolutions? Hmm!!!

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     So half of the year- 2014 has passed away and we kept procrastinating and postponing our resolutions. That's the biggest mistake we tend to do in spite of being aware of our mistakes committed since ages. Resolution isn't a small word. We take it lightly and that's our biggest mistake. I have seen chain smokers turning into non-smokers completely. I have seen people attending parties every second night sitting at home and indulging themselves in studies and getting their back papers passed successfully in a single attempt. I have seen people addicted to bikes walking on footpaths and getting their slim waist back. I have found thin people with good bodies because of their commitment with gym all of a sudden. I have seen people avoiding coke and junk foods over night and adopting a healthy lifestyle. That's what a single word "RESOLUTION" does to an imperfect human being.

           Now as half of the year has gone, it's time to get back to our personal diaries or Facebook Timeline or Tweets to find what all we planned as resolutions for a new year that looked exciting in the beginning. No year is as good or bad, it is what we make out of it. I have been continuously striving since 2009 to make each year better than the previous and I have been successful most of the times. Each year has given me experiences that I will never forget for life. And Mind You, all of them are positive. I have stopped targeting negative happenings as the food for my thoughts. I spend my time thinking about good things that happened with me. Why to waste half of my time in thinking about what wrong came in my path this year? It's time to focus on good and try to make it better and then go for the best. There should not be a moment when mediocrity should be entertained.

          A day describes how our year would be. It's a mini version of our year. And a year is a mini version of how our whole life is going to be. Hence, every morning when you wake, you should wake up with targets. When I say this, many people tell me how they make a target and complete it within an hour and waste rest of their day in the same chores- Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and Hang-outs. That is why I always ask to go for TARGETS and not a specific goal that you wish to achieve. Life is too short to complete a thing and rest after it. There should be series of work one after another. That shall make your days wonderful, months powerful and years successful. You should always read your resolution the first thing after you wake up and last thing before you sleep. That shall keep you in regular touch with a life that you have decided for yourself.

         Every year, I rarely add a new thing as of now in my resolutions. I have decided to get habitual with few things for 5-7 years and then go for new establishments in life. Considering that, I read 75 novels each year. This year, I am done exactly with half of my target- 39. 108 Blog Posts are done whereas my target is 240 a year. Quite on the right path. I had target of scoring better in Sem 3 than Sem 2, I did. Same is with Sem 4. Quite doubtful. But let's see what happens when result comes. I had dream of opening two new websites. One- Bollywoodism.com is done. One shall be done this month or next. Shirdi has been visited which I do each year. Every month, I am also visiting Chchota Shirdi temple in my town twice as per the plan. I have also earned more than last year and even saved more. :-) The biggest- I got my Driving license. These are some of the major resolutions that I have for 2014. I am on the track. And I am PROUD about it. :-)

         We remain busy in chatting, partying and traveling while the year keeps passing away. We do not realize until it's already December and we are left with very less time to execute many things we planned. This is the best time to wear our boots and start running in the right direction to reach our destiny on time. Once a year passes, we take no time in blaming it-"This has been the worst year of my life" "Nothing great happened this year". Nothing happens by itself and no year is worst. We have to work to make things great. We still have 6 months in our hands and we can try our best to make 2014 the best year of our life. We can finish our resolutions on time and also try something new that we haven't done still. I am waiting to hear from you guys now as you always make me know about your progress through mails and Facebook. Waiting! 



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