12 July 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

Guru Pournima: A day for Spiritual and Academic Gurus!

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    A beautiful full moon in the sky and we celebrate Guru Pournima, on occasion that leads a student towards his teachers for offering respect to bring him from the darkness of ignorance to the brightness of reality and knowledge. Guru, in our Hindu religion, is termed as important as parents and God. He is said to be the one who makes us realize the real path that will take us to God. If there would be no Guru, a child will never understand which path to go to achieve Godliness or the God himself. It's hard to write an acknowledgement of your life and not thank your teachers. They are an extremely important part of our existence and lot of what we are, is because of their efforts and hardship. 

          Guru Pournima is the day sacred to the memory of great sage Vyasa who compiled the four vedas, 18 Puranas, The Mahabharata and the Srimad Bhagvad. It is also important for Buddhists as they believe that the first sermon was given on this special day. A day full of auspiciousness and if you don't take out time to wish and greet that favorite teacher of yours, you are doing your life wrong. Don't you think so? Education is such an important aspect of survival on this land which is full of competition and race. Parents can give you luxury and resources to do your homework properly once you are back from Gurukul. But what happens in Gurukul is tremendously important in one's life. And teachers spend all their life in delivering you lectures so that you learn things that will give you the right way in future.

           Teachers are generally an employee who comes for a regular job of 8 hours to earn money. But there are few teachers who see teaching more than a profession. They are here for the love of it. They are here to develop a generation. They are here to give light to an extreme darkness and take you out of nothingness. These days its hard to find a spiritual teacher hence its academicians who get all the applause. But I believe that without a spiritual leader, you can never attain happiness. Either find someone around you who can explain how peace, happiness and calmness in life can be achieved. If you don't, start reading spiritual writers and gain knowledge about what life really is. 

            I am in continuous touch with all my teachers and conveyed my regards to each one of them on this occasion. I am sure they must have felt good considering that a student still remembers them even after years. I have all my favorite teachers since school in contact with me. This is because I owe all my success to them. Every time I felt weaker and inferior in class, they made me stand, perform and realize what I am capable of. Hence, when I find an achievement in my pocket, the first thing that I remember is how teachers made themselves bad in my eyes just to take me out of the false world I was living in. To all these teachers who assured that I do not remain ignorant and dumb, my respectable bow to all of you and I wish I shall always find you whenever I need you in this path called life. Happy Guru Pournima to all my respectable teachers.



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