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Dance to the 7 Tunes of Success by Nishit Lal (Book Review-3.75*/5)!!!

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       Whenever I feel like reading a motivational book, I either pick up any one of the Robin Sharma's or Rhonda Byrne's books I have. Very rarely do I even attempt to pick anyone else if I have to read about how to lead a successful and happy life. Similarly, if I have to read something in the same genre or about spirituality, I go for books by Jaico publishing house. And I don't trust Indian authors when it comes to self-help book as they aren't as effective as foreign authors. I don't know how I managed to pick up Nishit Lal's "Dance to the 7 tunes of success". The main reason has been its publisher: Jaico. Cover of the book also says,"Change the world with your standards of excellence". Cover and small size of the book impresses you enough that even if you are not wanting, you will end up purchasing it.

           The writing style of the author is amazing and with each page, he ensures that you learn something about how to look at life. He has used very simple English to ensure that his readers get connected with his message otherwise the purpose for writing this book would have gone unidentified. He gives proper examples, fictitious stories and imaginary situations to make you understand the concept that he's preaching through this ambitious book. As I'm a great Robin Sharma fan, I felt as if author was also inspired by him while writing this book. It looks as if the book is wanna-be version of Robin's books. 

           The 7 tunes of success, according to Nishit Lal's theory, are Passion, Purpose, Productivity, Perception, Possibilities, Practice and Potential. The great thing is that author has not spent the whole chapter in explaining the meaning and intensity of this word, rather, he has spoken about different topics that were related to these tunes. Author hasn't dragged one topic much and made things short to keep the readers interested. I did find few explanations silly but except it, I didn't feel that the book lacked anything. There were some editing mistakes too. May be Jaico will have to work on its 2nd edition properly. I give this book- 3.75/5. You can surely read it as its motivating, inspiring and gives you a wake-up call.



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