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Secrets and Second Chances by Anita Shirodkar (Book Review-4.25*/5)!!!

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      A 307-pages book with beautiful cover page falls in my hand 2 weeks ago titled "Secrets and Second Chances". It's published by Rupa in a way that it looks like one of the classics of old time. Anita Shirodkar has made her debut with this book. I read her sister's novel few weeks ago,"Manhattan Mango" by Madhuri Iyer and gave it 4.5*/5. Hence I had great expectations from this book the same way I had from Ketan Bhagat's book as I love reading Chetan Bhagat. :-) As I am done reading now, I can say that this is one of the most entertaining books I have read in recent times. No, it's not humorous but it's one of those masala movies that we love watching for too many superstars together, party songs and various twists and turns every now and then. 

          Authoress have a very good style of writing that keeps you intrigued with the story. Too many characters do play spoilsport in the beginning but later on, you get adjusted with them and start enjoying the connection everyone have with each other. Every character is totally justified in the book and no one is left abruptly in the middle of the story. The way mother-daughter story is handled in the book is quite new and challenging. It's not one of those stereotypes that you expect. Here, daughter finds out a very big secret about her mother still does not get judgmental and hyper. The way emotions are displayed whenever a fact is revealed reflects a lot about societies in metro cities. 

   Nandita Dharkar is the protagonist of the story. At one time, it's shown as if she is in love with 2 boys and other 2 boys are in love with her. One girl and four boys comes in the story but yet it does not become cheesy. Author has handled the plot very cleverly and kept the interest in the story alive. Generally, when a book is 307 pages thick, you know that it becomes boring and slow-paced at one point of time but it's not the case here. The scenario keeps changing regularly and you are always reading a new scene that's as interesting as anything. There's one thing that I would like to point- With each page, story could have been taken to next level but author decides to keep it at one level itself. Though the last few pages are the best part about the book but still, I wished if with each page right from the 1st page of the book, story could have been taken a level up. But still, book does wonder with you as a reader.

            Everyone wishes to read about the high societies in metro cities and this book is a wonderful opportunity to know about how the upper class reacts to things. A wonderful corporate lifestyle is also discussed. How an ex-boyfriend is treated with no melodrama is another wonderful factor in this story. How knowing the biggest secret kept by a mother is treated also shows how carefully author has written this book. Summarily, I would say that this book belongs in the genre of the movie "Cocktail". If you had loved that movie, you will surely find yourself in this book too. I give this book 4.25*/5. It can surely be enjoyed.



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