12 May 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Never ignore Mother even for your Father :-)

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 Haah!!!! As usual, I have heard lots of comments and ideologies such as why Mother's Day is celebrated only once in a year when its almost every day. Extremely right. But its not every day that we get to treat our mothers well by letting her know how much we love them. Though we try for it every day but usually we get into an argument, a fight, we can't give her all the time because of our hectic college schedule, assignments, jobs etc. This one day should me made enough incredible to make her realize that if her son/daughter would not have had any job in this world, how much he/she would have given her in terms of time, concern, love and virtue. And this I think could be the sole reason for celebrating Mother's Day always on Sunday. So that on a day when we are at home, we can nurture our baby (Yes, as for us, we always feel that our mothers are like a cute little child rather than feeling as if we are her child :-)) with passionate love and respect. It's 12th May. 2nd Sunday of May. And hence, Mother's Day. A very Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers of this world who are striving hard for making their son/daughter's life easier and happier. On the same note, a very Happy Mother's Day to my ex-gf too. Ok let's laugh together. Hahaha!!!

             A mother is not being acknowledged until she remains absent on a day when we need her the most. A man marries only when he feels that he needs a lady to manage her house. This itself shows as to how much a husband relies on his wife. Later on, when children gets added in the family, the whole responsibility of their schools, homework, food, growth, studies etc comes on mother as the male counterpart is always busy in his workplace or sleeping or watching Cricket Matches or if he is too smart, flirting with the receptionist of his Office Branch. :-) A lady being a mother sees every thing with as much care as she can. For me, I can never find a better example than my mother in the same way as you can't find a better example than your's. :-) Every mother is great because without her support, none of us could have reached where we have. In everyone's life, mother's role plays the greatest significance. My mother is indeed special for me because let I have 1000 of friends and lakhs of audience but the way my mother sees and interprets me can only be possible for someone who loves me more than anyone else. And as it is truly said by someone, a Mother's love will always remain more than anyone else by 9 months. :-) 

            My mother is an epitome of success and legacy. I always tell my friends that they feel about me as someone who is mad for work and commitment but I can still not touch the class with which my mother handles all her jobs. The kind of selflessness and the helping attitude she has, I can never touch zenith of this quality. Her possession for her work is too high to be stopped by anyone. As I have stated in many of my previous blogs that my mother is one of the most renowned cooks by everyone who has tasted whatever that she has cooked- either with commitment or casualness. Taste is so natural in whatever she prepares. She is unbeatable here. But still the attitude of learning shines in her working tendency and propensity. Recently, she made me call all the Cooking classes available in our area and selected the best that she found. She says that she wants to learn more dishes with accuracy so that the little bit of imperfectness that still comes in her prepared dishes will also get eliminated. This attitude at the age of 46 is something that I need to learn. I still feel sometimes that I know a lot and I don't need a guidance but she, even after so many acclaims and compliments, wants to grow up. And yes, with it, she made it sure that she is attending the batch that's beginning after her son's exams are ending. :-) She is not letting her passion overcome her concern for her son's future. Bowing Down To Her!!!

             If my mother would have confined her care and concern only up to me, I would have believed that she is selfish mother like most of children's. But my mother is truly different. The way she wants all my friends to study well, eat well, live well, think well, love their parents as much as possible etc. and the way she helps them in achieving their targets is something that can put in shame to any of the youth who would see her doing this. We, all, at one point of time, think about ourselves but I don't know of what Earthy material is my mother made up of. The day that I'll feel I am exactly of the attitude of what she is, I will term myself as a successful "human being". And I don't think that's possible for me. I can't believe that a woman of her height can walk up to miles to get her work done. A job of mine is stuck with Mumbai University. She is ready to go to Kurla alone and talk to the officials and bring up the solution. The Mumbai Local Station which even youths like me and you prefer not to halt at. For a child, a mother is always on her toes and that makes them better than any other person doing anything for us. 

            On this Mother's Day, I am giving a treat to my mother by ordering a dish from one of the best restaurants of my town that she has still not tasted and wishes to taste. I want to make her feel that the day her child will earn full-time, he is going to give her more luxuries and ease. I want to suggest all of you to never compare the love of anyone with the love that your mother has for you. She may not show it every time but every minute, the only thing that keeps going in her mind is- Where is my child? Has he/she eaten properly? Is he/she taking a good amount of sleep? Is the fever completely gone or should I take him/her to another better doctor? Ok, so he/she needs a mobile and father has scolded, let me talk to my man once again or else I'll save money every month and buy the same on his/her next birthday. This is what our Mothers always keeps thinking about ourselves. 

            What we end up doing is- What have you done for us? Please don't interfere too much in my life. Why do you want to end up being in between the cold war that's going between me and my best friend? Who are you to ask me at what time I come back home? I want to marry him/her if you don't want me to, I can marry without you. For a short term entertainment and for temporary/selfish friendships and for a 5-year love affair, we end up kicking our Mothers out of our life. Only a mother can tell us the pain she goes through after getting ignored by someone for whom she dedicated all her life. Let's take an oath that we will never ever ignore or sideline our mothers for anyone. Not even for our fathers. I have said enough. Hope you have also understood enough. :-) 

 Thanks a lot. Do wish your mother a very Happy Mother's Day on my behalf.


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