1 May 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

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            Every time we are being warned about a bad news, we always start praying God for not making us hear something which we can't repair. There are many things in life that are repairable while there are some which we can't mold it into the same shape as before. Life is unpleasant some times. The worst news that one can hear is about someone's death. No, it is not just about the death of someone very close to one but even if you hear that your enemy is no more, you feel bad. Because you never wish for someone to die. Yes, we do curse some of the government employees who trouble us or some other class of people but still when we hear that the devil is no more, we feel bad. Death is irreversible. And something that can't be brought back is such a scary thought. It has been for a lot of time that I have heard about people's death whom I knew personally. It is always hard to digest the fact. But then, you have to accept the worst.

              For my enemies, the worst that I can wish is to see them struggle all through their life but I would never expect or hope them to die. No. Never. Even when a relationship with someone is broke off, the worst that one curses the friend or the lover is that he/she would like to see him/her in a struggling phase and getting ditched by someone else. But we never say that I wish to see you dead some day. This is the worst that one can say. And if one says this, I would say he/she is the dangerous aspect of society. He/she needs to be put under a scrutiny because if someone is heartless up to this level, he/she can kill anyone any time. How hard it is to imagine someone wrapped up in white bed sheet, with cotton buds inside the nostrils, a pale yellow body, emotionless, eyes closed to never open again etc. I can not. 

             I remember the question asked to me in the final round of Fresher Party in my Graduation, "What would be the 5 wishes that you will ask God if you'll meet him?" Before answering anything else, I said that my first wish would be,"Hey God, please never let my parents die till the time I'm alive on the Earth". There was such a thunderous response in the hall that the echoes of claps and screams still stays with me. I was too happy to see that not only me, but everyone's soul accepted what I said with the same intensity with which I feel it. For this very answer and the next 4 wishes that I claimed, I won the title that evening. One of the special days of my life it is. This is how death scares me. No, not mine. But of the people whom I know. A friend told me how his brother committed suicide, I was unable to concentrate on anything else than think about why would someone do something because of which others can never fulfill their wishes which are imagined only with them. If I lose few people around me today, my life will always remain incomplete. Though I would move on but I will always feel that something is missing in it. This is what someone's death does to us. 

             The celebrities whom we love, the legends whom we idolize, the singers whom we listen, the performers whom we adore, we always wish long life for them. We never want their creativity to put the shutter down. We always want them to proliferate their level and augment the number of artistry that they are capable of. Recently, I have lost someone very close to me. I bought it with so much passion and love and accepting that the little being is no more is so unacceptable that every time I'm alone, I'm lost in the thought of all the moments when I had it. I can not vociferate whom I have lost but I can tell all that it was someone very special. Some one because of whom my outlook towards seeing pets, animals, pet lovers etc changed. The being can not return back nor can anyone else even if resembling the one that is gone can substitute it. The character, the person, the living entity remains to be unique and immortal. It can not be replaced by anyone else. The memories after the death remains. And that's the only criteria that makes us feel that the one who has gone still lives somewhere close to us, stays near us and always stands by us in whatever condition that comes. I hope the soul rests in peace of every good and innocent being who has left the Earth. May God bless them all with heaven. Death is scary and from now on wards, it scares me the most. Not mine but of others whom I love and adore. :-(



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Manita V said...

Very nice write up.
I guess death is scary because, as you said, it is irreversible and humans are always wary of irrepairable damages.
Yes, death of anyone comes as a shock - whether a close one, friend, celeb or even an unknown person who just wishes you good morning at bus stop everyday.

But like all good and bad things that life has to offer....it is un-avoidable !!

Loved the blogpost.

Dowdy gal said...

Death the ultimate truth of life. In a way death imparts freedom from the bondage of life like sorrow, joy and other emotions and the drudgery of existence. Nicely put.

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