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My Vows Remain Unchanged by Amrita Phadnis (Book Review)!!!

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   I am done reading 159-pages book "My Vows Remain Unchanged". It's written by the debutant authoress- Amrita Phadnis who is twenty five years old, works as a Senior Tax Consultant in Deloitte Tax LLP, Hyderabad.  I am not sure about the book, but if you would ask me to review the authoress, I would give good marks to her beauty, smartness and accent. :-) The book is been published by Power Publishers which is a self publishing firm. Because of this very reason, I have very rarely enjoyed any book by this publisher. Going by the trend, I didn't even find My Vows Remain Unchanged any interesting. It's target audience is the people in the teenage. Someone like me who is 23 years old and read 140 books in last 2 years, this book was nothing but a personal diary of a girl who loved a boy and got heart broken many a times because of being very emotional and weak. 

           The synopsis of the book says:
Rita works as Tax Consultant in Best Tax Practices being from an Human resources background. She loves her professional life but her personal life does not excite her anymore after her first heart break. Running away from love she falls in love with Aryan, a Media consultant residing in Delhi.The story is about how they fall in love, the vows they make, and at the end where it leads. Will they be together forever? Well may be, may be not.

    Coming to the author, I would say that it would have been easier for her to write this story because its very simple without much of an unexpected twists and turns. Her writing language is something that we use when we write our personal diary. She has not impressed me much with her first book as there's lots of room for development. I would suggest the author to at least read 50 books by Indian authors before attempting a second book. Because the story that she has written in more than 150 pages is something that seems to be a forcible expansion of a 1000 words short story. She can definitely try her hands in Short story/anthology section but she is yet to discover herself in a full-fledged novel writing.

            As every debut Indian author, even she has scribbled about a love story that has lots of excitement about the love involved. The book starts with a description as how the protagonist is still into the depression of her first break up but still goes out for second love affair as she finds conversing with him attractive. I had lots of problem in reading the Google Chats that's been shown as conversations between both the protagonists. Why would someone spend Rs. 250 on a book just to read Google Chats between two lovers? A better narration could have done wonders to the book. In the same way, writing "Hahaha" in the conversation part isn't a good literature. It should be described separately that the character laughed. Similarly, author herself exclaims "Huh!" at many events. Rather than generating exclamations forcibly upon the reader, the story should have emotions imbibed in itself. 

           In all, I would say someone who has not read more than 5 Indian love stories can go out to read this book and compulsorily, the audience should not be more than 20 years old as this novel is not quite mature for the adult audience. 



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