3 May 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Don't be your father's son. Make your father a father of a self-made son!!!

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     Luxury is what every human always craves for. To be specific, its very prominent among us, Indians. We have always desired to follow the Western culture because we feel that following our own culture makes other decipher that we are not as rich as them. Hence to prove everyone that even we are one who can stand with them we follow what they themselves follow. And this is how the whole world keeps pretending and never really tries to be what they are trying to pretend themselves as. I think that almost 70% of Indians are middle-class. Hence the better 30% always fascinates us, the middle-class-ians. But whom should we blame if we end up being middle class? Our parents or ourselves? First, its our destiny that we are born in a family where every time we keep our hands on a substance, we have to think whether we can afford it or not. But it is fine. At least being middle class guarantees that we are having roof over our head. Some are dying to even have that. 

               Good thing about middle-class parents is that they never compromise when it comes to our studies. You ask them to shelve out lakhs of money for a course that can fetch you good career ahead in life and they will do anything but will not make you sit idle and see your dreams moving away from you. Even if after all these circumstances you end up being middle-class for life, it will not be your parents’ mistake but yours. Its our chance to raise the status of our family by a level. If we fail in doing this, it can be said that we did nothing except earning just to feed our stomach. And even a beggar begs to feed his stomach. This is not for what we take education for almost 25 years of our life. There are bigger things to achieve. There are bigger things to imagine, create and convert them into actions and results. It has been high time since some of our young companions are resting because they have decided that since their father have achieved a level, they are just going to spend all their lifetimes in rejoicing over his accomplishment rather than moving up to next level. I am talking this for a very minor number of youngsters. Because one fact is very obvious that most of the youngsters are passionate and ambitious. They don't rely on what their father is going to leave for them but they are initializing themselves right from 0 and want to touch the heights that their father crossed and then want to achieve its double. This is LIFE.

              Suppose if your father owns a 2 BHK flat in outskirts of Mumbai which is in itself very expensive these days, owns a car, a bike, has 2 LCDs at home and at the time of retirement has 20 lakhs as his saving. A normal stupid Indian boy will take his life casual. He'll think that he already has a flat which will be of Crores when he would be of his father's age, his 20 lakhs saving will fetch him an interest of 10,000 pm at least for all his life time, the cars will keep helping him for some years etc. This is where a young boy gets into the zone of losers. In spite of this, he should challenge himself. He should think that when his father did it himself rather than getting any help from his grandfather, he should also make his own way rather than trying to survive on the basis of what his father created with his effort. Some of these losers will say that even my father didn't achieve this; he is eating on what my grandfather left for him. So just because your father acted as a loser, you will yourself follow the same criteria? What's the difference then? It's your responsibility to take your family to a totally new level. Your father is not God, he is another human being with structure of bones, flesh, muscles with blood flowing across them through veins. So, what he did is not right. Right is right. Follow it, not your father if he has been a loser.

                One thing should also be kept in mind. One shouldn't challenge his father that he would beat him severely and show him how a life should have been led than the way he made he and his siblings lead. I am not saying to win against your father's achievements. I am telling you to take inspiration from your grandfather, your father, and your uncles and do better than them. Only then will the family rise, only then will the future generation of yours will get to enjoy what you feel you were unable of by being a part of middle-class family. Your dreams should be to purchase at least a 2BHK flat in main Mumbai suburbs, own an expensive car for yourself, one for your wife and gift one to your parents, your whole house should be covered with centralized air conditioned system, every room should have a home-theater sound proof system and your savings should be at least thrice of what your father had as the inflation is increasing every day in India and the value of money is dropping on daily basis. 

                  If you lead your life the way other majorities of youngsters are, you will find that you have your own possession while your father's possession is working as a bonus on which you are not relying even for a bit of convenience. All you have is yours. Every middle-class father has done better than his father. This in itself makes us eligible to fight for our own needs against ourselves. Today, I feel so proud when I tell people that my father passed his Diploma with 76% and holds the position of Manager in a well-known Iron and Steel industry. I also feel very proud when I tell people that my mother is a Graduate with First-class marks because not everyone's mother is so well-educated. Now, it’s obvious that I need to do better than my parents to raise the bar of my generation's level. I am in Masters currently and I'm enjoying the studies. I am doing several other jobs that you all very well know. Some of them that you all are still unaware of will be known in some more months or years. :-) Whatever my father has achieved in his life, I would be achieving all of it and in less number of years than he took and then go for doubling the achievements. This will raise the bar of my family. And my parents will be so proud of me when they'll see that I carved my own way rather than sitting in the same vehicle that they purchased with all their efforts in life rather than going for a new one. :-)

                My parents are one of the best. And they will remain to be. I see my friends indulged in their household activities. My parents have kept me away from all these activities that aren't much productive. They have taught me a basic way of leading life. It's not that I don't know how to do those sections of work but it's just that my parents are giving me time to pursue my studies, dreams and passions. My mother has taken so many jobs that are meant only for men to do. She is a very strong lady. Of course, the strongest mother I have come across. And my parents don't have any glitches regarding me not doing those household works that my friends do for their family as my parents know that this boy is on his way to carve his own road. They know that he will never stop his work. They believe that our child will be known as the best example who gave his parents the best service in their old age and in last years of their life. 

             Today my parents have energy. They are 52 and 46 years old respectively. Considering 58 as retirement age, they have enough time and energy to do these works. The moment they'll start shrinking because of their old age, I would be standing independently on my feet. I will then provide them with all the luxuries that they would need. I will show them those parts of world which they have still not got access of. I will also make them feel proud that their son didn't live a life that every other friends of his did. I want to show them how their son has done something so differently that all the credit goes to his parents than him. If today I am writing this blog post and getting famous all over India, it is because my father has provided me with the resource needed to broadcast my thoughts all over the world through this laptop via the Internet connection for which he pays every month. So who should get the credit of whatever I achieve later in my life? :-) 

             Though I want to help my parents with their work but I have myself to do a lot for the future that I can't devote any time to them currently. But I know that this sacrifice will make me spend a good time with them the moment they will retire with things and sit back at home only to spend their time with me, their daughter-in-law and their grand-children. Then I would be gifting them a Car and would ask them to roam anywhere they want in India because this is what they never did in their life just to provide their son with the best of the facilities. Then that they would be done with all their responsibilities, I would be showing them how the standard of living has been taken to the next level just because of all the sacrifices they made for me. I will give them the gift of being different from other contemporary parents and letting their son utilize all the time of his life for his dreams and passion. This is how most of the youngsters think. The one who are thinking of eating what their father has left without consuming, better eat your shit or move ahead and carve your own way. Don't be your father's son. Make your father a father of a self-made son. :-) Yes!!!

P.S.: My parents are sleeping currently while I am writing this Blog and working on my dreams. Why? Because if I’ll sleep for the same amount of time for which they are sleeping, I will end up achieving only the amount that they have achieved. To do better than them and to leave the middle-class-ness behind, I will have to work more than them, sleep less than them and bring results that are unthinkable for them. :-)



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