27 May 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

And Sachin Tendulkar retires with an IPL Trophy is his hands!!!

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             And the IPL 6 ends. It has been 4 years since I started supporting Mumbai Indians after I realized that there is a very little amount of time left for me to experience the Cricket God- Sachin Tendulkar play Cricket. It is already an honour to be from the era when he has been playing Cricket with best of his skills. I pity the guys who are just 3-4 years old and will grow up to only hear the legendary stuffs of this man but they will never get a chance to see him again. Mumbai Indians won the IPL Trophy this time after a good hard labour of 6 years. There has been a big fan following of Mumbai Indians because of the biggest name that I have mentioned above being the Captain of this very team. In the same way as Rajasthan Royals suddenly became the favorite as Rahul Dravid became a part of it. This is what these Legends do. Their name is itself for us to start loving and admiring the stranger that's associated with them. :-) 

              A team can never win a match/tournament until everyone does not come forward to showcase their individualistic powers in the favor of the team and not for their personal achievements. Any player who plays for record/himself gets into the eyes of the viewers. Cricket is religion for those who watch this sport. When they start analyzing things, the man with the least involvement in the team comes out as the target. With Mumbai Indians it all started with the excitement to see Sachin Tendulkar and Ricky Ponting opening the batting line-up together. These are the best two legends that the Cricket has ever seen. Once Ponting realized that he is not doing good as a Captain and batsman, he chose to sit out in the pavilion rather than being part of the Playing XI. And its sure that if he would have continued, Mumbai Indians would not have reached till here as he was out of form. This shows that even a non-participation by someone at the right time or from the right time helps a team to win the trophy.

              In the same way the way Sachin Tendulkar got an injury after hitting that SIX into his own stands- Sachin Tendulkar stands in Wankhede stadium, he got retired hurt and the way Pollard came in and batted, made us win that match which was too important to get the confidence back, showed how some unfortunate incidents also helps sometimes. As it is evident that Sachin Tendulkar could not have scored the way Pollard scored in the game that Mumbai Indians were sure to lose. And yes, there's also another bad news that we have to talk- Sachin Tendulkar has announced it very clear while talking with Harsha Bhogle that this was his last IPL. Even Ricky Ponting got shocked with the news. I don't know why has Sachin Tendulkar decided to leave all the formats of Cricket without getting that one last Farewell match. But at least this will always be remembered that he ended the IPL career by hitting a SIX on the last ball that he played which made the ball land in his own- SACHIN TENDULKAR STAND in WANKHEDE. :-)

             Malinga didn't work quite well for the team throughout the season but on the final day when the bowling power was needed, he did it in the first over itself like he always did in the previous seasons. Pollard was never known to play big games but this season, he scored three half-centuries. A new bowler- Johnson coming in the team and working while all the other bowlers failed was another boon. In all, God wanted to give the trophy to Mumbai Indians because he himself was playing for the last time. ;-) A great team where there's no "I" but "We", no one fails. I lack such a team in my real life and I always want such group of people around me where each of them gives their best for someone else rather than to prove themselves. The day I would get that, I would automatically win with my team. Whatever, let's leave this topic for now. Some other day... :-)

    In the end, I also never thought of a team winning an IPL season under the captaincy of Rohit Sharma. This guy did it very well. Neither Sachin Tendulkar nor Harbhajan Singh and not even Ricky Ponting, it's this new boy- Rohit Sharma who brought the Cup home. Kudos to him. And Dhoni, you have always been a great Captain. Even when your team needed 29 runs off the last ball and it was impossible in any calculation of Cricket to score this, Mumbai Indians were setting their players on the field. This is the fear of yours in this Sport. And why won't there be a fear of yours? You hit a Four even after such a tight fielding. :-) Your runs were exactly what rest of your team scored. Your scored runs were more than the highest scorer of the Mumbai Indians' side. And it's your 5th Final in the 6 editions of IPL. Now, as from next year there would be no Sachin, all the eyes will shift over you and your team. Best of luck for the future if there's any future of IPL now after so much of accusations and breaking news that has suddenly arose. 

             Well done, Mumbai Indians. Thanks for bringing the Cup home. The wait of 6 years has been ended. 



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CreativeUrja.com said...

Well Sachin has so many records and stories of success which probably will never be repeated by anyone. Sachin started his career at age of 16 and will retire at age of 40 from test cricket too probably in test series against SA, i dont think any cricketer will play for that long like this legend. About IPL well he took the right decision as after this victory there would have been media speculations that he might play next IPL too so its best to clear out.

Writing Buddha said...

Actually u r right..

Anonymous said...

really nice pic of ipl 6

ipl 8 live score

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