14 May 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

If You Take Your Job As A Tension, Don't Dream for a Mansion!!!

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  When we are kids we are told to do our home works and once it is done, we are free. Our parents never ask us to do any other work. We are subjected to playing, playing and only playing. We enjoy the convocations of life and pray God to make the time flow slowly and smoothly. We wish that the moment we are being allocated should remain with us. We don't wish for the other day to come and take away all that we have, put us again in the same condition where we were before 4-5 hours, sitting up to do homework, getting beaten by mom/dad for not getting the answer right even after doing it for 100 times, finally getting the concept and completing our homework and thus getting validated to run towards the playground of our society. This used to be our lives. Of a work and that too seen as a tension and pressure. Do you still want the same life? Having a task and seeing it as a pressure? If yes, I pity your propensity. 

             I was talking to an elder personality and he said," Child, your life is so beautiful currently. You have no tension. Once you will get a job, wife and children, all you will have is tension. Of making your child study, providing him education, treating your wife regularly for her different aspects of requirements, managing your job etc". I accused the person for being of a negative mindset by arising the question at the moment itself. I asked him not to call the given or assigned job as "tension". He rejected my over-ruled statement and said,"For you, these exams that you are giving is a tension. The project that you have to do each semester comes as a tension". I rejected yet again and vociferated,"I don't take it as tension but consider it as responsibility and love doing it. That is the primary task I have. Remove study from my life and I have nothing to do.". He said,"Do you take these exams as your responsibility?" I said,"Yes". The elder personality got dejected, sat quietly and thought what I said, he wanted to agree with me but his egoistic mind didn't allow him to but I didn't let the conversation move ahead. :-)

            If we will see our lives in the same way as I mentioned above in the case of our childhood- that completing our homework was not considered as a responsibility, duty but a tension and something that pressurized us, there will never be a room for development and learning something new. To achieve more, we should learn more. To learn more, we should have eternal amount of positivism for our work and job. There are many who are sitting jobless out there. They are praying God at different temples to give them a source of income so that they can work a lot, earn a lot and fulfill all that they desire from life. If one does not desire much from himself, he tends to turn stagnant and thus, rots, at least for me. 

              I have always taken anything in my life as a responsibility and duty. I never considered anything as tension and pressure. Yes it is true that for a moment when a job is been discussed or assigned, I do lose my balance but not for more than 5 minutes. I am back to my state and start thinking as to how the task has to be processed and finished. When my mother gets an immediate call that she has to prepare food for 10 people, she does panic but she starts working over it from the next minute itself. Its good to get a mini heart attack because that shows that you are concerned for doing the job but if you get pressurized because of it or get tensed, you ought to be a case needed to visit rehab. Our Indian Captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni is known worldwide for his coolness even in the situations which we, average human beings, see as a pressure and tension. Because for him, its responsibility and duty.

              Harsha Bhogle wrote a very good article on Sachin and said that you never looked like us, the human beings, anytime when you were playing except in your 90s. It was only for these 10-15 runs that you behaved like us- got tensed, panicked, got out in hurry etc. But for the rest of the innings, Sachin has been the epitome of being a human that stands out as a figure of a Demi-God. If you will consider every thing as an added pressure or burden, you will end up losing every thing. As a children, the job is to study. Except that, nothing. As a youth, the job is to earn. Except that, nothing. As a married person, the job is to be compatible and understanding with the partner and educate child. Except that, nothing. If we will keep praying God to free us from our primary job and give us the time to rest, better rest in peace. I love giving exams. It makes me nervous but helps me bring out the hidden potential within me. I love earning because it makes me realize that out of many in India, I am a better one to get this position. If we love our job/task, we will always see it as our responsibility and not as tension and pressure. The only solution to this is to stop dreaming of resting and chilling out. If that's the motive of your life, better die and give someone else your soul who can treat it better. Because its dying in you. :-) Sorry for the bluntness. My weakness- Can't stand Lazy Asses. :-) Let's go now.

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Anonymous said...

absolute love to this post !! So rightly you have expressed with very title of the post .. tension in any job means forget mansion through it ... !! Work for me is something which does not demotivate you at any point in time coz we do it for our self satisfaction regardless of competing . Success is just a bi-product !

Riti aakash said...

Inspired :)
very good work

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks mysay.in and Riti mam

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