31 May 2013 | By: Writing Buddha


850th BLOG POST -->>

          It has been quite slow and steady journey from last 50 Blog Posts that I have written and you have read. I got busy with my academics and as this Master's is getting tough with each Semester, I just can't promise the amount of time I would be able to give to this space but whenever I would be having time, I would post the way I am doing it from last 11 days since my Vacations have started. It's already 10 Blogs in 10 days. Lots of book reviews are already in store for all of you. Do follow them if you trust my opinions and purchase the ones that you feel belongs to your kinds of book. For now, a hearty congratulations to all of you as we have completed yet another half-century with 850th BLOG POST. :-)

            In 151 days of 2013, this is the 101st update on the blog site with an average of 1 Blog Post coming every 1.5 days. I am surprised to see that even when I have been absent for so many days, still the Blogging rate has not gone down. As always, God is with me. :-) My target is to publish 150 Blog Posts in the remaining 214 days of 2013 i.e. with the rate of 1 Blog Post coming in every 1.43 days. Simultaneous to this milestone, the syllabus of Semester 3 of my Master's got released by Mumbai University yesterday. There's 46 Chapters in all. And if you will see the content in each of the chapters that's divided into 5 subjects, you will find that the total number of topics that is to be read is between 500 to 700 approximately. This is not enough. 25 Practicals are to be done with the maintenance of 3 or 4 Journals. And yes, besides all this, a Mini Project is to be created. I don't know with so much of studies, assignments that would be given as an additional task, internal vivas etc, how I would be able to post 2 blogs in every 3 days this year. But then, that's the challenge. Right? :-)      
The First and Second page of EXPRESSIONS!!!

           Chalo, this blog has been too depressing till now. Let's rejoice all of you. As you all may be knowing that I got my work published in a book called "Uff Ye Emotions" in the month of February and I have got pretty good comments for it. Just after that, on the day of Holi, I got an offer from the cover designer of my book, Mr. Sunill Kaushik to be an Executive Editor in a magazine called "EXPRESSIONS" that would be the first ever magazine in India which will cover Literature and everything related to it. Since Mr. Sunill Kaushik has been very dutiful towards me and if you remember, he is also the Logo creator of my Blog, I immediately said yes to him and became a part of this venture. I am being asked to review a book every month or write any of my kind of posts or do both of these. In the first issue of the magazine that got released in April, I wrote the book review of "Someone Like You" by Durjoy Datta and Nikita Singh. The magazine is currently launched as an E-mag but if the response would be good and we would be getting good amount of Subscribers, we will be printing it and sending it to our Subscribers' doors. I hope you are going to be one of them. :-) To read the First issue of EXPRESSIONS, CLICK HERE!!! . Waiting for your response. 

P.S.: Thanks for being supportive in this journey of 850 Blog Posts. It's just because of appreciation and feedback that I get from all of you that I write. :-)



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