28 October 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Killing Animal isn't Necessary, Killing Animal within you is!!!

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            The day of yet another festival ends. The celebration, the enthusiasm, the cultural events, the rituals for God, the offerings, the sacrifices- all comes to a halt. Bakri-Eid is another event when our Islam brethren and sisters do almost every bit possible from their side to impress their God. And to do that, they have to join hands with other religion's devotees. They come to their Hindu and Christian brothers to invite them for a dinner at their home or they offer the meat to them at their place rather than calling them to their homes. Many people have problem with Muslims cutting goats, cows and other animals regularly and thus giving death to the lives that are also a major part of Allah's creation. I too had the same thought but the belief that I show in my religion, I am also responsible for showing the same belief for other pious beings too. I too feel bad while cutting a lively being just for my satisfaction's sake but the religion speaks about it being justified. Not only Islam but Hinduism also says the same. Read Geeta/Mahabharata and you will know. 

            If my religion allows me to go up to the 80th kilometer of a 100 kilometer long road, it is certainly possible that another religion may ask its follower to explore 5 more kilometers that my religion doesn't allow me to. Believing in the preaching and devotion of someone else is the biggest victory for me. I love my religion as much as I love other religions. Not a bit more nor less. But when it comes to reading, I'm currently reading 75% of Geeta and the rest 25% of time of this holy activity goes in knowing about some unknown facts and messages written in Quran and Bible. And I can tell you friends, it is an amazing experience. The study about religions have made me feel that the colorful life is just our materialistic imagination and happiness. The life that is at its simplest is the most deserving and peaceful life that one needs. I have started feeling that I should leave the worldly affairs and switch to Himalayas to live in spirits and in touch with God. That's the most silent place as my knowledge permits me to think. :-) 

            Sitting at a Muslim friend's house and eating Biryani, sitting with a Christian friend and eating the pastries made by his mother and shopping with a Punjabi and helping him buy a Kadaa gives me the pleasure and an imagination of sitting with God. I don't know the almighty's looks, name or existence but I love imagining myself in the vicinity of God. I want to devote my life into such affairs. I want to wear either whole saffron, white or green and get myself acquainted with God. I would love to be a priest, Maulana or a father than anything else in life, currently. This is what being close to holy books does with a human being. It makes the person know that every materialistic thing in life is for a short time-being, your own self is what will remain with you till the end. And until that is not clean and pure, you can never be happy with any worldly affairs. 

            Hence, any festival that has a story which connects the human being with God, any of them- Allah, Shiva aur Jesus excites me. Because the day is being stigmatized as a day of God, for God and with God. On this Eid, I made it pellucid that sacrificing Goats is not a compulsion but just a kind of suggestion. If one can't afford buying a goat, one can sacrifice anything that he/she feels. He, in spite of sacrificing an animal, can sacrifice the animal within himself. That is the whole concept of Bakri-Eid. One can sacrifice the worst qualities and traits residing in someone's personality and fitrat. And when a religion gives such suggestion, I don't find any problem in sitting with its followers or promoters. I am in virtue to everything that's related to God, let it not be of my religion. But I'll pray. No one can forbid me to. And with this, the next festival that's coming up is Diwali. A time for which I'm always excited as I get to clean my house for impressing Goddess Lakshmi so that the wealth gets flooded in my wallet or anyone's related to me. :-) Of course, I am talking about my parents. :-) According to the thoughts displayed in this post, I would recommend all the people not from my religion to also clean their house before Diwali. That would not make you a Gair or Nastik but it will help your personal life as your home will get cleaned up. That's how following other religions also benefits us. :-)

  Bakri-Eid Mubarak to all!!!



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