22 October 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

When Television Stars can change your stars!!!

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            The fascination of a TV screen is always higher than the fascination and fondness we have for any other thing. Let the television show any thing- a movie, a television daily soap, a reality show, cricket, news etc, we love watching it. And the involvement of the TV stars, models, cricketers, politicians, actors, directors etc whom we see on the screen is in profuse in our life. We are inspired by them in some or the another way. If you are a TV buff, you are obviously a fan of someone whom you can't miss. For some, every time their favorite movie is telecast, they make it sure that they are watching it yet again, and in this way they create records of watching a movie for 100 times, 200 times and sometimes even 300 times. I have a friend who has seen Jab We Met for 122 times when I talked to her in 2011. Incredible Idiot she is! I hope she is not reading this post. :-)

               I always believe that not only Legends but every person who has achieved fame and respect all over should be followed. I scrutinize every such person. I don't know why but I love reading about the people more than watching them on television. I always try to look forward to read interviews rather than watching those famous people on television every time they emerge. Recently, one guy whom I liked a lot is Manish Paul, the host of Dance India Dance(kid's version), Jhalak Dikhhlaja and now, India's Got Talent. This guy has an ultimate sense of humour. He does not need any kind of preparation. Initially, he was a RJ, after getting good acclaims, camera pulled him towards television. And since then, he is creating a niche for himself. Everyone of us watch him for 2-3 hours every weekend but we never try to find out the reason behind his success. In last 31 days, he has traveled for 28 times in flight. And he says that he is used to such situations where he has to ask his body to push itself more than its capacity. 

               Katrina Kaif (I am considering her as model and not an actress because we know her as model. It is later on that she turned into an actress. Salman Power, you know :-)) is one of the greatest model we had and have on television. The kind of presence she has in every product she endorses is almost perfect. No one can beat her in personality and beauty that a model is expected to have. But know about her, and you will come to know that she has not taken a single holiday in last 3 years. Once when she was given 2 days leave, she sat for a day at home, got irritated and asked Karan Johar if she can start shooting for Chikni Chameli from the next day as she is on leave. This is the propensity towards life. But how many of us try to know this aspect of the beauty queen? We just appreciate her beauty but never try to know the amount of hard work that she puts in her work.

             Shweta Tiwari, the most successful actress on television is often criticized for arriving late on sets. Let's not see that part. Everyone knows how difficult and unpleasant her life has been. Her married life, her moments of depression, her struggle for her daughter by being a single parent is something that any of us would not even dream of. In the season of Comedy Circus when she was also a part, she used to work for the whole night at Comedy Circus's set and right after the show, she used to run towards Parvarish's set for her 12 hours shoot. In the evening, she used to suit for her Bhojpuri movies and other commercials. When asked about her sleeping time, she said,"I slept for 6 hours some 8 months ago". This quality makes such person favorite of every house which is interested in daily soaps. 

            These are just 3 examples that I have placed in this post. Otherwise, every person who is on television has his own struggle. Even Sameer Kocchar says that he practices in front of camera every day which makes him look perfect while anchoring Extra Innings during IPL. We should watch them on television but we should also try to search about our favorite actors and models whom we watch on television. There are many interesting facts about them that can make us implement those in our life and upgrade our life to a very different level that'll make us proud of it. It's not only Legends that have the quality to provoke us to do something excellent but even the TV stars, anchors, models possess some unique qualities that make them famous, rich, successful and favorite. Make it sure that every time you spend an hour in watching television, spend 15 minutes to search about your stars on Google and know about them. I can assure you that you will be surprised to know the facts and you will start loving those stars much more than yesterday. And with it, you will find a part of them in you by doing the same hard work that they do. Yes!!!

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Anonymous said...

'Aam aadmi' hi 'khaas aadmi' hota hai. There is a hero within every one. What matters is 'Perspective'.. *Another great piece of art written by you my friend :-)* - Apurv [ @A_Humorist ]

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Apurv...

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