15 October 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Malala Yousafzai- One GIRL against TALIBAN!!!

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           If we talk about creating awareness, the most that is being done is for women and girls. Everyone with an open mentality and challenging attitude would love to see girls and women refining themselves through education and other activities that they feel good about. Everyone wants to see girls roaming as free and safe as men and boys do. But every awareness, every organization that works for this, every institution that is running for women can only work up to a level. One can't secure them. One can't motivate them. Once can't look after each and every girl in each and every corner of the world. Several mediums talk about them. Several channels are meant to make them flourish all the opportunities that they possibly can. Though we wan't them to be "little" conscious of being a woman/girl because there's no end to the devilishness of some malicious beings. I am not talking about those girls motivating obscenity around them through some vulgar activities. But here, I am talking about the girls who are doing something in the welfare and goodwill of the masses, societies and fellow beings. 

             Everyone of us know about the sad accident of which Miss Malala Yousafzai has been a victim of. On 9th October, 2012 when she was returning after giving an exam, she was shot two bullets- one in her neck and other in her head. Till yesterday, she remained unconscious and in critical condition. Today, doctors said that there's little movement in her four limbs but still, she would be traveled to Dubai for further treatment. The girl lives in Pakistan. The only fault of hers for getting such wild treatment is her motive of encouraging girls of her area- Swat valley to get education, attend school and learn. The area is always under scrutiny of Taliban's senseless soldiers. They don't want any girl to study of the region. For them, only boys have right to education. But since Malala wasn't one among the masses, she rose her voice through BBC Blog where she wrote about her personal experiences of being a dominated resident girl of Swat valley. 

             Just because a Girl who blogs about how the women/girls of the area are being dominated, kept at home, are asked not to study, the girls' schools are bombarded off, girls are threatened to sit at home she is been shot bullets. The other two girls who were with Malala at the moment also got hurt and even they are under treatment. How could someone shot a 14 years old girl for raising her voice against those who want girls to remain unaware of what education is? How senseless autocratic dominance this is! I can't imagine myself being a Pakistan girl residing in an area where Talibani soldiers keep on patrolling to find if any girl is going to school or not. And if they find one, they are ready to shot her at the spot without any fear. How Panicky!!!

             In the parallel country- India, it was being noted that almost more than 15 rape cases has been registered in last 30 days in Haryana itself. Recently, Sonia Gandhi went to meet a family whose girl committed suicide after being gang raped. After Haryana came up in the eyes of the nation for being one of the unsafe state of India where girls are being raped almost anytime, anywhere without fear, a Khap Panchayat came out with their own regulation asking every parents to marry their girls off by the age of 16 so that they can be kept safe from incidents like rape and molestation. Huh! When Sonia Gandhi addressed the Panchayat and criticized, they hurriedly changed their statement and said,"It was a personal view. We are just advising our government to rethink on the minimum age of marriage for a girl and reduce it to 16 from 18". How provoking these cheap regulations are! How could they imagine a girl just passing her 10th grade to marry and get pregnant within a year and raise her child by the age of 17? I am 23 years old and a boy and I still fear from living away from my parents and getting into the responsibility of marriage and turn into a father. I would never ever ask my daughter to even think about marriage by 20 years of age. Seriously, how can such people demand girls to sit at home, not go for shopping, not to learn reading, writing and speaking what they want etc? Unbelievable!

              Who says that a girl after getting married would not be raped? Haven't these khap panchayat heard of married women getting raped? Rather than addressing such stupid rules in front of the mob, they should concentrate on the bloody sex ratio of their state. Because girls are less than 877 for every 1000 boys, where would the rest 123 boys go? And because of this reason, the insecurity among women in the state is proliferating day by day. And to mark one more thing, sex ratio of Haryana is the lowest in India among all the states. Shouldn't these illegal khap panchayats get involved in raising awareness among villagers to raise a girl child? Shouldn't they work on these issues? Shouldn't they ask their men to control their lust and masculinity rather than asking girls to stay at home by refraining the worldly pleasures that are meant for all humans equally? 

             The trial of assassination on Malala, 17 rape cases in last one month in Haryana, khap panchayat asking girls to sit at home, asking them to get married by 16 to avoid rapes, Taliban asking girls to refrain themselves from studying and education is the most shameful scenarios that we get to read in our newspaper almost on daily basis. (While writign this, NDTV has tweeted about a 25-years old woman dying after being burnt by her in-laws for dowry. They demanded 10 lakhs, her father paid 6 and was arranging for another 4 but they turned out to be so restless than they burnt the woman with her 10 months old daughter :-(). We humans are not just discriminating people by their caste, religion, breed and race but also by their gender. Just two genders that God created which isn't in the hands of human to create more than that as we did in the case of religion and caste, we turned ourselves into such devils that we aren't leaving one out of the two genders as free as the another. 

            I, being a Blogger, know how difficult I find when I decide to write against the two local parties of the State I reside in who want people of my Birth's State to flee away from their region. I can easily understand how courageous and gutsy Malala is, who at the age of 14, decided to raise her voice against the violent and pitiless Talibanis for the rights of girls. My Salute to her. The only wish currently is from God to make her recuperate as soon as possible. I want her to get back to her work of showing some humans how teen girls are more audacious without any arms and ammunition than the bullets-clad guns that hangs on the shoulders of those Satans. Yes!



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