8 October 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Beginning of a New Series- 701st......

701st BLOG POST -->>

            Celebrations aren't permanent. There's a time when they are to be halted and a quest to achieve the next target should prevail all. 700th BLOG POST has been a great experience for me. 4th OCTOBER was not only my birthday but it also came as a landmark to my blog with the accomplishment of 700 Blog Posts. And over this, I also completed my 3 years on Twitter. How mysterious this is! On my 20th Birthday, I was doing nothing but creating an account on Twitter. Huh! I didn't have life, it seems to be. But now.. Ok sorry. I still don't have one. That is quite evident with my Twitter stat of 58,500+ Tweets in these three years. I sometimes don't understand if this is the positive sign of my personality and life or is it something that I would be ashamed of after few years. But who cares until and unless it's giving me pleasure and a reason to smile today. 

            Without much promotion, I still get all my readers know that a Centurion post is going to be published on the particular day at a particular time. I never showcase any of my Blogging activity as a grandeur event but I do every possible activity to let people know that I'm accomplishing something that was not even a target some 3.5 years ago. No one knows where life takes one. I feel happy that there are many who try to get inspired from the space. But the ones who copy every new step of mine, does irritate me. That's a different quotient that I don't have much time to be irritated than working on my next task. Hence, rather than asking the agendas of those people, I move forward with my own personal agendas and motives. I'm not here to prove anyone. I'm not here to patent anything in my name. I'm here to let people know that these are also the ways in life. I am learning. And what I learn, I try to spread among those who are still away from learning the same. Hence, there's a kind of team work that takes place around me. No one knows who the leader is. No one knows how much has Team Members performed. Everyone is walking in the same direction. Some with their own versions. While some by copying another's. May the best person get the recognition. That's the only say, now.

             The journey of another 100 blog posts starts from here. With no expectations. With no hopes. Just one motive- to keep expressing whatever the heart says. Then to transcribe them into words in such a way that it touches the hearts of people. If there's a change in someone's life through the writing, it's a personal achievement. If there's no change, the writer needs to work harder. Again I would be trying to review books that I shall be reading. The ones that'll entertain, guide and teach me something, would be recommended to all while the ones that'll leave me disappointed or with no change, will either get no recommendation or no promotions. Many feel that the space gives me money. No, it doesn't. It just gives me number of readers. And these numbers help me to accept that I'm not alone. I have my own small world with me. That's designed for me. Every reader who reads my blog, brings a change in their life and send a mail/comment/personal message about how much they love my work is a closet asset for me. I can lose some money but not any one of you. You are to stay with me in this journey of my take off. Let's see how high I go. Even in the period of decline, I would be needing you all. I would never be strong while facing failure alone. I would be needing all of you in the times of isolation, recluse-ion and avoidance. 

            So let's welcome yet another new series of another 100 posts. :-) Your Support is my Success!!!



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Anonymous said...

We will there with you Abhi.. :)

Keep ON..

Writing Buddha said...

Your's I know, Raja sir. :-)

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