28 October 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

When Media gets Stung while Stinging Someone :-)

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            The day started with a bad news of expiry of Mr. Jaspal Bhatti. My condolences to him. May his soul rest in peace. 

             The evening has been the most wonderful for the Indians who stay aware with the current affairs and news channels. The way Naveen Jindal has uprooted the whole stand of media over the allegations that they were putting on him against coal block allocations was no less than an epic fictional stuff. Zee News who apparently went to do the String Operation on Naveen Jindal and his role in the whole coalgate issue got themselves stung. There can be nothing funnier than this. :-) I am still unable to believe that something so unexpected had happened today. Media has been the platform through which everyone in the country/world is being scrutinized, talked and judged. They are the medium who are actually enjoying the power of democracy in our country. For them, its a power that no one can ever have and will keep on fearing against them. Naveen Jindal has finally bought the camel under the mountain. 

            The credibility of media is always a big question mark for me. I have always been confused about the way media telecasts a news. How can they themselves support one of the two parties in any case that they show on TV. Let it be any case, media makes it sure that they are conducive to a party that they feel is right. I don't know if the concept of polling through SMS, telephone and Internet is still being considered by the media or not but they have made themselves the ONE MAN SHOW for all the TV viewers. Even in the Anna Hazare case, they kept on being bias towards the TEAM ANNA even when they have been equally stubborn if compared to Government. But according to media, it's only Congress that was on the bad side while Team Anna were as pure as 1-day old Earth. Amazing, isn't it? 

           Media asked for 100 crore to Naveen Jindal but when he rejected, they blackmailed that they'll keep on showing the negative coverage. Initially, the talks were on for 25 crore. But later, Zee News agreed for 5 days at Rs. 20 cr per day. Media has got the monopoly which they are using with wonderful management of fixing or you can say,"Spot Fixing". The person who gives money becomes the deary of media while the one who stays away from any touch with them will always have to face criticisms until and unless he/she does not pay them to manipulate the news. Media can make fool of those masses who are unaware of the real world except television. The ones like me, many in our youngistaan who know how manipulative any public podium might turn into knows how media plays their role in making or breaking any issue or individual. 

            Before any movie, when they show 30-minutes program about it, they think that we are fool enough to not to understand that they are being paid by the Producers. The biggest Flop Show of Media has been the 18 years that they stood against Amitabh Bachchan. In 1972, Amitabh Bachchan hit a media-person because of some idiotic questions that he was making. After that, all the media bodies collaborated together and made a firm decision that they'll not cover Amitabh Bachchan ever. They had a big ego that this would turn the Superstar into a forgotten celebrity very soon but fortunately, these 18 years when media boycotted him were the days when his super-stardom grew like anything. This is itself a proof that media can't play its role in someone's success or failure. :-) I hope some day, media will focus on the news that needs to be shown. The Guwahati molestation case wasn't shown until it became a Social Networking site's discussion. They have still not showed Malala Yousafzai's news. They never show news about some leaders who everyone knows are corrupt. 

             This sting operation and guts that Naveen Jindal(who himself is wrong and corrupt but we aren't talking about this in the post) has shown to us needs to be applauded as very few people have guts to stand against media when they know that media can be hazardous for them in future. And media, beware. :-)

P.S: This was to be published on 25th October, 2012 but sorry for the 48 hours delay. It landed up in Drafts rather than getting published. :-( 



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