19 January 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Wikipedia Sleeps For A Day But Wakes Up Many !!!

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       Yesterday, if anyone of you would have tried to search about your assignment, project or anything on Google.com and cherished after finding your favorite online encyclopedia- Wikipedia's link in the Top 5 links provided on the First Result Page would be knowing what kind of a PUNCH you got on your face. :-) I was continuously reading in the newspaper that Wikipedia is going to be blackout on 18th January but I thought its just a hype and nothing of such sort can happen but when I started searching contents related to my presentation topic, I saw that Wikipedia is really shut down. I was confused at a moment that what is Wikipedia initiating that they ceased the purpose of their website with which they have built it. But then, I read something on the black page and I was surprised to read the initial sentences of the initiative Wikipedia was initiating. They were protesting something against Intellectual Property Act and my presentation topic is the same- Intellectual Property Right, I started reading the whole page with all my concentration. And I got a perfect example to give on Monday on my Presentation day to make my points on IP evident and clear. :-)

          Wikipedia is protesting against two bills-SOPA and PIPA which is being announced by US Government to be activated as soon as possible. SOPA (the "Stop Online Piracy Act") and PIPA (the "Protect Intellectual Property Act" ) are bills in the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate, respectively. These bills are presented as efforts to stop copyright infringement committed by foreign web sites, but in Wikipedia's opinion, they do so in a way that would disrupt free expression and harm the Internet. Wikipedians chose to black out the English Wikipedia out of concern that SOPA and PIPA would severely inhibit people's access to information. The bills would reach far beyond the United States, and affect everyone around the world. Why? SOPA and PIPA would put the burden on website owners to police user-contributed material and call for the unnecessary blocking of entire sites. Small sites won't have sufficient resources to defend themselves. Big media companies may seek to cut off funding sources for their foreign competitors, even if copyright isn't being infringed. Foreign sites will be blacklisted, which means they won't show up in major search engines. And, SOPA and PIPA build a framework for future restrictions and suppression.

            The SOPA and PIPA bill says that if anything which is being lifted from a website which shares information will be shut down. And all the major websites which shares knowledge for free on the open internet should keep a track on all the sites who use their links or copy their words on their articles and post it on Internet. Wikipedians says that they have no problem in this as knowledge is meant to be shared and such kind of ban on people and them will lead to restrictions of open expressions on Internet. And if these bills will be passed, it will not only affect USA's websites but it will affect globally because everyone access those websites. Even the websites like Youtube will have to shut down. The sites like Google and Yahoo didn't went for Blackout because they are been sponsored and paid by some organizations but they shared the link on their websites which made people know about how can they support this protest against the passing of these two bills. So friends, lets hope that people from US will keep registering themselves on the link Wikipedia has shared with them and help getting these 2 bills fail. :-)

           Please read about both these bills on Wikipedia and I have used some sentences as they were written on Wikipedia because I found them perfect. :-)



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hamaarethoughts.com said...

Sure thanks for sharing abhi!its sounds interesting !!
you have been tagged on my blog!

Anu Lal said...

A post when it is most needed Abhilash. Good work. I have attempted one on Salman Rushdie. Do check it and share your views.

abhilash said...

good post bro...very informative and useful.. and i luv to read ur blog.. :)

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks a lot for the tag, harman mam.

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Anulal sir. Yes, i have seen ur update. Will read it soon.

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Abhilash. :-) Good to see a reader of my name. :-)

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