9 January 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Once Upon a Time.... Even I had a Sexy Grandpa !!!

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      In the morning, when I woke up, my mother asked me to have a bath as both of us are going to sit for puja together. I had a bath in 5 minutes and I and mummy did puja together. It was not an another puja, it was my Grandfather's 4th Death Anniversary today. It has been 4 years since this world is missing his presence but for me, he is immortal. How can a grandfather who always said that I am his favorite grandson can die for me? How can a grandfather who always talked to me with more frankness than my father can die for me? How can a grandfather who never raised his voice nor did he behaved stringently against me can die for me? I miss him a lot even today. He has been a very powerful personality until he breathe his last. He never let anybody know his problems and neither did he felt pity on himself. I still remember when I saw him 2 months before he died, he was admitted in hospital and he was cracking jokes even then. He never talked about losing the will power. All the doctors said just one thing- even at the age of 74, this man has the strongest will power and he is not ready to leave his soul easily. I was so proud of him. :-)

          I still remember when I was talking to him while a visit to my native place after giving my 10th std examination. I asked him,"Dadaji, I have given my 10th std exam. I am expecting 70% marks. And papa is ready to send me to Pune for further studies and I will be living in hostel. As I have heard from my friends, everyone gets a girlfriend once they start living away from parents in liberty and Junior college is the right time to fall in love. I am already a year elder than my classmates so my state of getting attracted towards girls would be higher than others. So, what do you think dadaji, should I fall into all these things now? Is my age appropriate to experience all these stuffs?" I was quite scared as I was talking Love and girl related thing for the first time with my grandpa and he smiled beautifully after listening the query of his favorite grandson. 

            He replied,"Beta Veeru, girls are the most beautiful creation of this world for us-boys. When we are just born, we fall in love with our mother. After some months-years, we start loving our Mother's mother as they care for us more than mothers sometimes. After we turn 5-7 years old, we fall in love with our teacher. When we get into 4th-5th std, we start liking the most fair and beautiful girl of our class. After getting little knowledge of what sensuality is, in our secondary section of schooling, we start liking an aunty of our society too. So, we-boys are always curious to fall in love with a new girl/lady. Now, as you are 16 years old and you know everything associated between the two genders, it is quite obvious to get attracted towards them. If you don't, then there's some abnormality in you. :-) So, you are eligible to get committed to a girl now. And once you get, send her photograph to me. (He smiled) But remember one thing- Never promise your girlfriend that I will keep loving you for all my life or I will marry you or I'll not marry anyone else if I don't get to marry you or once you'll leave me, I'll not marry anyone or anything. You just don't know what conditions may arise in a very next second. So, just remember that never PROMISE anything to your partner. Just enjoy the present and tell her about your struggling past."

           After he completed, I was so moved by what he said to me. He was right. Now, after 6 years of this conversation, I have been in few relations and I have gone through the situations where boy is made to promise few commitments to his girlfriend. But I remained intact that I'll not promise anything to anyone. Even when I had a Muslim girlfriend and I found her perfect for me, I didn't promised her anything. It was she who promised that I will marry you and if not you, I am not interested in marrying anytime in future. Result: She married after few months of break-up and she has a son now. :-) So, this is the irony of life. The day I came to know about her marriage, the conversation I had with my grandpa flashed in front of me and I understood that my dadaji would have gone through the same situation in his college time. :-) And I always believed that he had a girlfriend as he was in Air-Force which meant he was quite ambitious and target-oriented guy from his school-time itself. He used to exercise. He completed 2 novels a day even when he was old in front of me. I remember he came at my place to live for 3 months in my 7th std and he read all the books our colony had in its library in 1 month itself. :-)

            Like a conversation which I have shared above, I had many such conversations with him whenever I used to meet him and he always suggested some or the other things to me and I got too many stuffs to learn from him. He is still an inspiration for me and I try to follow him as much as I can. He used to finish 2-3 novels in a day while I am finishing a novel everyday. :-) Hahaha. It is the blood of my grandpa in me which makes me deliver this performance on my blog by reviewing books incessantly. :-) On the 4th Death Anniversary of my grandpa, I would like to dedicate this blog post to him and I hope if he can read this from wherever he is, he would be smiling after remembering this conversation he had with me. I love you dadaji. And I already have drops of water in my eyes as the whole conversation came as alive as possible in front of my eyes while writing this blog. We miss you even today. You would have been 78 if you would have been with us today. :-) 



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Mihir Raj said...

Dear Abhi
it was a touchy blog after all. all of us have experienced the love from our grand parents. our grandparents gave us many advises which are not just advise but values of life time. we should keep transferring these values in coming generations to make this society worth live in. By God's grace my grandparents from both sides are pretty healthy and i wish for their good health. this blog sent me to them for a while and recall how they reacted and felt proud on all small achievements of mine. i lastly recall how proud they felt holding my debut book "Plz.. kiss me or kil me". you are so disciplined in blogging that i must salute you. its your 2nd blog which i am reading. keep the good work bro. all the best.

seema said...

beautiful......lovely article

Writing Buddha said...

Yes Mihir sir, the moment spent with Grandparents is a totally different experience...

Writing Buddha said...

Thank u Seema mam..

hamaarethoughts.com said...

..God bless the departed soul.. such a fine person!
its blessing and love of our elders which we always seek throughout our life.
"Respect" the word Senior!

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks a lot madam. :-)

Anamika said...

Lost grandpa on 6 jan 2012...miss u baba...missing u so much...

Writing Buddha said...

Oh sad. This is why u were not here on my blog in the recent days... Feeling so sad for u but then, everyone has to go from here one day..

Anamika said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you Abhilash Sir.
Today is 21st March and its my Dadaji's 91st birthday, and he is still here fully fit . but had some Budhapa problems.
But still i can't stopped my tears to come outside while reading.
Touched my heart .
Hugs to you yaar .
Grand-Father and father are the best persons who will give good advice .
You are awesome , you can make anybody cry. and inbetween in those convo i laughed too .

Thanks and Regards,
Harsha Bardhan Mishra

Writing Buddha said...

I have no words for what you have said Harsha... I am just too bless to read what u have written. Thanks Harsha. Thanks.

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