4 January 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Autumn In My Heart by Saptarshi Basu !!!

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          I have finally completed an another book- AUTUMN IN MY HEART by Saptarshi Basu. It is a very short story which gets completed in just 162 pages. :-) So, it gives a positive feeling to you when you start the book. This is the second attempt by Saptarshi Basu after his first book- Love, Logic and The God's Algorithm. I haven't read the first book still but I went for reading the second one. Let's talk about the author first- A Gold Medallist in Mechanical Engineering, Saptarshi Basu has worked with the top 3 IT MNCs in India. He had subsequently lived in London, Toronto, Dubai and San Francisco before moving back to his native place, Kolkata. A prolific blogger and an avid traveller, he has been into writing for long having published his poems and stories in different magazines of his earlier organizations.

         Coming to the story, AUTUMN IN MY HEART is a story of Deb and Ayantika who falls in love after adding each other on Social Networking site- Orkut. Their love saga continues over late night SMS chatting. Ayantika's mother has almost arranged her marriage with Sujoy. How, Ayantika deals with both the parties- Parents and Deb is an interesting tale. Vinod, the boss of Saurabh is ready to make him the victim of his homo approach. :-) At last, Vinod is caught by Deb when he was about to penetrate Saurabh. :-) Deb also gets into flirt relationship with Sagarika even when he is committed to Ayantika. On the other end, Sujoy and Sagarika are ready to fall in love with each other. The story of this book revolves around all these characters and their confusing stories which is attached to each other. 

            Coming to the REVIEW, AUTUMN IN MY HEART is another fiction written by an Indian author in easy language. You can finish the book in a go because it ends in just 162 pages without any great vocabularies. Initially, the story moves with a sweet note as it talks about Ayantika's mother forcing her for getting married but as the book moves forward, you realize that there are many stories which are talked about. Some incidents in the book are commendable. The way Vinod's sexual approach towards Saurabh is described makes you understand the whole scenario quite nicely. You even get to know about why people like Vinod turns homo. :-) Ayantika's mother is characterized nicely. You fall in love with her desperation of getting her daughter married. Deb remains your favorite character till the end. The chapter where the learning of Guru is described makes you intrigued in the chapter and you want that specific part of the book to keep continuing till the end. :-) Saptarshi Basu has won my heart in all these sequences.

           Coming to the drawback, as soon as you start getting deeper into a part of the book, the scene changes and you find yourself in the story of another character. This keeps pissing you throughout the book. No character is defined nicely as Deb's character. So, till the end, you only watch out for Deb's character taking other characters for granted. The story moves very fast as the author has been given limit of pages to write the story in. The story could have been written quite nicely with nice description of each character and incident. This book is a lit read. I will rate this book- 2.5 out of 5. 



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Mahi S said...

gud work abhilash

hamaarethoughts.com said...

nice! seems good!
you seemed to be reading a lot of books :)
or love stories...
happy new year!

Writing Buddha said...

Thank u Mahi. :-)

Writing Buddha said...

Mam, you cannot call them love stories, with love stories, they have many more elements which can be learnt from them. :-)

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